An open list of mitaps and conferences going online

You can join some events today. And so almost every next day:

IT communities are not recommended to go offline. Some conferences have already been rescheduled; the status of some is still unclear. And someone is trying to get together online on the same dates – or doing special events for those who stay at home.

We try to collect them In one place – and we hope that you will help with its filling or support the organizers and speakers with your presence.

Project website:

To those who:

  • stays at home,
  • in whose city there are no IT communities,
  • whose local communities have not come together for a long time

You can argue with speakers, other listeners, or maybe even get a nishtyak with delivery. Most of the events on the list involve interactive: from inclusion in discussions to pizza, online afterparty with speakers and other interesting things.

For those learning to make their online

Visit your colleagues. Spy on their solutions. See what does not work – improve yourself – and share your experience. You can add your event to the form, and we will add it to the site within a few hours (if the yard is not night, of course).

For those who have long wanted to speak

If you were disturbed by fear, inconvenient dates or locations of mitaps, or any other reason – online erases almost all of them. Many will be glad to speakers. Moreover, online makes it easy to gather experts from different cities and even parts of the world.

“But it’s not that, offline.”

Yes you are right. The online experience is different, but in some ways it can be brought closer to offline – modern video meetings are usually far from a webinar, where one speaks, the others write 20 questions, and three are voiced. Online has its pros and cons. We can try, make mistakes, make finds – develop pros and level cons, improve experience as long as people need it.

Creative plans for the coming days and weeks

  • Let’s make a block with past events, records from which you can see
  • Screw the SSL certificate
  • Fasten the transparent sending and discussion of events through GitHub

We hope for your ideas, comments, suggestions – you can leave them here in PM or in the telegram @yeskelaveenrok. Write in telegrams if you want to participate in the development.

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