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In connection with blocking (including possible ones) and leaving services from Russia, it may be worth considering revising the choice of applications and other services and replacing them with others (preferably ethical ones), but, of course, it is clear that this is not always possible. Do not forget that giants such as Google and Facebook are always hunting for your data to make it easier to sell it at a higher price.

To solve such problems, the use of alternative front-ends to these services may come. They accept requests from you and then request the original service to receive content, this will bypass the blocking. In addition, they are minimalistic, there are almost no annoying elements on them and they do not send unnecessary requests. But also an important feature: these services are usually located on different servers located in different countries of the world and are supported by enthusiasts, which allows you not to worry about the inoperability of a particular server. In this article, I tried to collect as many front-ends as possible for many popular services and social networks. networks.


One of the most important services on this list. And not in vain. In addition to entertainment content, you can also find a large amount of educational content on it, but this is already important. And there are a lot of options for viewing such content.


source codes, instances

Popular, simple, large number of instances. It is possible to freely download videos in various formats, “audio only” mode, display comments from Reddit.


source codes

Has built-in support sponsor block!

view tube

source codes, official instance

Nice design, sponsorblock support, sending notifications about new videos.


website, source codes, f-droid

Not front-end, but worthy of a mention. Mobile client for various services: YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, PeerTube. Focused on privacy. Also have fork with sponsorblock support and return Youtube dislike.


Recently blocked in Russia social. net. Requires no introduction.


source codes, instances

Allows you to make an rss feed from any page. Can automatically replace links from services so that they lead to alternative frontends. There are various themes. Infinity-scroll support.


What was my surprise when, while writing this article, this social. network decided to block in Russia.


sourcehut, official instance

The set of features is about the same as that of nitter.


Now, if there are problems with Wikipedia, then almost everyone will suffer. I hope this never happens.


source codes, official instance

All the same Wikipedia in appearance, but without JavaScript. As a bonus, it makes it possible to read articles censored and blocked in a certain country.


A popular blogging service with terrible, in my opinion, restrictions regarding paid posts and annoying design.


source codes, official instance

Minimalistic design, it is possible to read paid posts without restrictions.


A popular English-language forum where you can find a lot of useful information. And he has the most frontends, for every taste.


source codes, official instance, list of instances

Very fast. Written in Rust. No JavaScript.


source codes, official instance, list of instances

Without JavaScript, there is an unofficial Reddit API in JSON and RSS format, no limits.



source codes, official instance

It’s good when things just work.


The service is not blocked in Russia, but users from the country will not be able to create new TikTok, just as they will not be able to watch content from other countries. It’s good that a frontend was written for this service.


source codes, official instance

It looks as simple as possible and works as simply as possible. There is RSS support.

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