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We met her during lockdown. She was attractive, promised great prospects and more free time. We got along great with each other. She even helped instill healthy habits: healthy sleep, cooking at home, walking during lunch.

But getting to know each other better, it became clear: her flaw was workaholism. She gave freedom, but did not respect personal boundaries. She followed herself into work for the whole day, destroying the entire work-life balance and taking away your personal time.

For some, it is a dream. Someone faced it forcedly in difficult times. So ambiguous, but definitely familiar to many in our time.

Nice to meet you, remote work. For relatives – udalenka.

From personal experience

I have been working from home for over 3 years now. During this time, I managed to face all the delights of remote work. I analyzed the advantages and disadvantages that I share with you.

Advantages of remote work

➕ The ability to not be distracted by anything and independently regulate the daily routine.

➕ Less travel time to and from the office. For example, in Moscow, due to this, you can save 2-3 hours a day. Who refuses to sleep longer in the morning?

➕ Ease of change of scenery: from an office at home or a coffee shop across the road to a city a thousand kilometers from the office. Not being tied to an office helped me move to another city and save not only time, but also money.

➕ A separate fad of joy for introverts: less contact with people. In transport, in the office, in catering establishments during lunch. During sickness seasons, this is especially pleasing.

Disadvantages of remote work

➖ It is difficult to distinguish between personal space and work, which easily leads to overwork or a decrease in motivation to work at all.

➖ When working at home, no one canceled boring neighbors, barking dogs and other noises.

➖ There is not enough live communication with colleagues: gossip in the kitchen or discussion of working moments by voice. Although there is a contradiction with the fad of introverts above, there is still no substitute for live communication.

How to deal with telecommuting problems: tips for beginners

  • Find a place to work where no one will disturb you. Where you can work most effectively. Let it be a nearby coffee shop, coworking space or a bench in the park (in good weather). Try everything and compare what suits you.

  • Limit your working hours. Turn off after-hours notifications from work contacts. The world won’t collapse if you don’t answer. But colleagues will be aware of your boundaries and will be less likely to violate them.

  • Plan your day. Although you can wash the dishes or have tea with family members during the break, do not forget about work matters and meetings. Make a list of tasks for the week and for each day. This will help you better understand what is worth doing for effective work, and what is better not to waste time on at all.

  • Find a balance between calls and chats. Determine in which situations it is easier to discuss everything in messages, and in which discussion by voice will save you time.

What if your boss won’t let you work remotely?

There are industries where remote work is not possible. But if your job is not one of those and you have always dreamed of working remotely, just give it a try!

Boss against remote work? Afraid that you will sit back and drink coffee instead of work? What to do? There is a simple answer: to accept and find another job.

Don’t hire someone you don’t trust and work for a boss who doesn’t trust you. If you are not allowed to work remotely, it is strange how you are even assigned anything at all.

D. Fried “Remote: an office is not required”

If you are still ready to fight and win your place remotely at your current place, I advise you to read the book by D. Fried “Remote: an office is not required”. The author describes the positive experience of transferring his company to remote work and gives advice on how to find an approach to the boss for an individual transition to remote work.

Office or not office – that is the question

Everyone chooses their own way of working. I believe that the place of work is closely related to the type of personality, character and predispositions of a person.

There are people who simply cannot imagine their life without activities, without the attention of other people. It is hard for them without the presence of live communication. Conversations in the kitchen at the office are an important source of energy for them.

Another type of people: those who protect their personal space and once again try not to let anyone into it. The fewer distractions, the better. Time alone with yourself for such people is the most productive.

At the same time, no one canceled the hybrid format: a few days in the office, a few remotely. This is the best option for the undecided. Yes, and it’s easier to choose according to the mood: like clothes for every day.

My choice: this is remote work. But not always at home. A coffee shop, a coworking space, a library, a park in the warm season are also great for work.

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