Alfa Factory 5.0 – registration closes in a week


Registration ends on October 14 Alfa Factory 5.0… This is an educational course for those who want to become an IT architect. If you are interested in mastering Pega and working on banking CRM, the course will come in handy. Education is free.

The first stage (aka – registration) ends in a week, there are still places. Let’s immediately answer the two most common questions:

1. Do you take only students, or can older people also apply for a course and get a job offer?

In this set, we aim specifically at students and those who graduated a couple of years ago. But this does not mean that the next Alfa Factories will also be exactly like that.

2. Is it still at your Technopark or online?

With a very high (very high) probability – online.

What the course will consist of

Introduction to BPM

  • Business process management
  • Case Management
  • Market overview of modern BPM platforms

Basics of BPM and Case Management at Pega

  • Process description in Pega
  • Case life cycle
  • Case vs Process

User interface creation

  • Creation of screen forms and their composition
  • Responsiveness UI
  • Advanced UI and UI customization

Pega Platform Review

  • Key platform features
  • Application architecture
  • Framework and Industrial solutions
  • Examples of Pega solutions at Alfa-Bank

Storage architecture

  • Data types and structures
  • Relationship with the relational model
  • Best practice for building a data model

Business logic automation

  • Automated processes and decision making
  • SLA execution control
  • Routing and task distribution

Team composition and roles on Pega projects

  • Parties concerned
  • Development team
  • The role of the architect

Pega integration tools

  • SOAP
  • REST

Any questions about registration (if suddenly you did not receive a letter or something else) you can ask Masha Korol, she will tell you everything.

One week left, then registration closes and

  • we conduct a qualifying round in the format of an online Olympiad
  • we start studying on November 27
  • in February we conduct the final exam
  • offer a job.

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