AirPods Pro, Apple TV + and a lot of money: why Apple shares hit a record price

After the New Year, trading resumed on the American exchanges. During one of the first trading sessions, Apple reached a record price of $ 300 apiece.

As a result, the capitalization of the iPhone manufacturer grew to $ 1.33 trillion, which allowed to bypass the eternal rivals from Microsoft ($ 1.23 trillion). Despite the fact that the next day the shares got a little cheaper, the record was actively discussed in the media. We understand the reasons for the success of Apple.

Why are Apple stocks up

Bloomberg analysts examined the reasons for investor optimism. Despite the fact that in 2019 the company had to lower its sales forecast for the first time in almost twenty years, it also had striking successes. One of them is the release of AirPods Pro headphones, the demand for which is kept at a consistently high level.

Analysts also praised the launch of the streaming service Apple TV +. The company managed to strike a deal with television content producer Eden Productions, founded by former HBO CEO Richard Plepler. The new contractor will create television series, documentaries and feature films exclusively for Apple TV +.

Another reason for optimism: a lot of money

In general, investors look positively at the future of the company, as it manages to successfully work with its very large user base (almost 1.5 billion customers worldwide). This is evidenced by the good financial results of the year ended.

We talked about Apple's most profitable business lines in this article. According to analysts, the cost of the “service” part of Apple’s business is about $ 500 billion, while the hardware business is estimated to be “only” $ 400 billion. In fiscal 2018, Apple’s sales totaled $ 265.6 billion and net profit $ 59.5 billion.

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