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As a rule, the results of polls in the official blog and on Habré are slightly different due to various objective reasons, and today’s results are not out of this tradition. We found a slight difference in the interests of these users, which we will tell you about now under the cut.

So here are the results from official blog:

And here is the survey data on Habré:

So, readers of Habr use geolocation on personal computers a little more actively – and the poll was about them. Perhaps this is due to professional features – today, many websites and services are interested in the geographic location of the user to offer him pizza from the nearest cafe, and not from Kentucky. Although, of course, local spam arrives more often instead of pizza, very accurately positioned according to your location. Well, this is the cost of modern technology.

Here are the general data:

So, on average, more than 20% of users use desktop geolocation at least sometimes. Why did we ask? But because in one of the latest test builds we changed the provider of this service due to a change in the policy previously used. How the new provider will perform its functions, time will tell.

That’s all. Goodbye until Friday!

Photo from T.H. Chia


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