Affordable Floor Standing Speakers – Three Featured Loudspeaker Pairs in the entry-level price segment

Earlier, we analyzed the whole spectrum of compact active and passive acoustics: from multimedia monitors to studio speakers for home studios and remarkable shelf-type systems with a close to optimal price / quality ratio – one, two, three, four.

Floor standing speakers Arslab Stereo Two -
Floor acoustics Arslab Stereo Two –

[39 960] Arslab Stereo Two – for those who take their first floor standing speakers. Suitable for sounding a relatively small space like an ordinary room in an apartment or private house, expanding the capabilities of a home theater or switching from monitors for multimedia to something more serious for listening to music while relaxing. This pair of versatile speakers is definitely worth considering and at least listening to.

Arslab acoustics is interesting because in the process of its design the manufacturer relied on the quality of components, chose a minimalistic design and was able to exclude unnecessary links from the business processes of distribution and delivery of its products to the buyer. Due to this, seemingly modest speakers are able to surprise listeners with a very, very decent sound level, not inferior to the capabilities of more expensive acoustics.

The listening experience is provided by: a 22mm silk dome tweeter with a precision coated surface, ventilated voice coil and two 165mm woofers with pressed paper cones. Bass reflex – located in the back of the case. Crossover filter circuit – implemented by surface mounting with coils Jantzen, capacitors and resistors Audiocore, plus – high-capacity capacitors Mundorf

The Stereo Two cabinets were crafted from MDF, fitted with internal braces, corner blocks and covered with black ash vinyl. Each speaker weighs 15 kg and has dimensions that are classic for this segment – 200 x 980 x 280 mm. At the same time, the “grill” covers only the upper part of the front panel, where the speakers are located.

Recommended amplifier power for this system is 50-125 W [характеристики]…

[40 000] Klipsch R-610F Is, at first glance, more compact acoustics [240 x 940 x 370 мм], however, it weighs a little more [16,3 кг]… And from the point of view of appearance, the manufacturer practices a different approach. As you can see in the photo below, the system is characterized by rather aggressive design solutions: an Injection-Molded-Graphite-copper-coated cone for a 165mm woofer and a noticeable large Tractrix horn with a smooth geometry and a 25mm tweeter. Even the Tractrix bass reflex is made in the form of a horn and is brought out to the rear of the speakers.

Both moments are the hallmark of this brand and carry technologies that have been successfully evolved thanks to the efforts of the company’s engineers over the course of several decades. Therefore, you should definitely not be afraid of the unexpected sound of such a system. On the contrary, it is easy to recognize by its realistic detail and wide stereo image, which these acoustics easily form due to the 90 ° scattering angle.

Floor standing speakers Klipsch R-610F -
Floor standing speakers Klipsch R-610F –

In terms of the spectrum of tasks, the R-610F, of course, do not differ from the Stereo Two, and are suitable for sounding small and medium rooms. They can be played both as part of classic audio systems and as part of a home theater. By the way, for those who want to take a break from the bright design of the system, a protective mesh with magnets is provided – it reliably covers the entire front part of the acoustics. Its body is made of MDF, supplemented with inner ties and from the outside – a durable film that repeats the structure of natural wood.

Amplifier input power – 85-340 W [пиковая]…

[41 890] DALI Spektor 6 – in terms of appearance and dimensions [195 x 972 x 313 мм, 13,8 кг] this is the compromise option in today’s selection. However, it should not be underestimated. The acoustics manufacturer offers three options [white. black ash, light walnut], which significantly expands the possibilities for integrating speakers into the interior.

In addition, the cabinets of the system have proven to be good damping, plus – they contain two phase inverters at once on the back side of the case. The speakers here do not differ in diameter from the rest of the acoustics from the selection. These are two 165mm woofers with wood grain paper cones and 25mm tweeters with a lightweight fabric membrane, borrowed from representatives of the more expensive lines of the brand.

DALI Spektor 6 floor standing speakers -
DALI Spektor 6 floor standing speakers –

IN review recommends installing these speakers in parallel and without any rotation towards each other. At the same time, the experts of the publication talk about their impressions of the sound character of the system, pay attention to the position of this model in relation to other representatives of the brand, demonstrate the appearance of the acoustics from several angles and share their conclusions. According to the editors, the Spektor 6 stands out for its expressive sound, but it does not reproduce stable bass in all situations.

The recommended amplifier power is 30-150 watts per channel.

PS We in “Audiomania” also have a discounted copy of this acoustics [29 300]… It can only be purchased after personal inspection in one of our stores.

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