‘active’ is an invalid keyword argument for User

We fix the error TypeError: ‘active’ is an invalid keyword argument for User.

The error looks like:

File “/run.py”, line 2, in
from app import app
File “/app/__init__.py”, line 35, in
from app.admin.routes import admin_bp
File “/app/admin/__init__.py”, line 70, in
from app.forms import LoginForm, RegistrationForm
File “/app/forms.py”, line 27, in
from app.models import User
File “/app/models.py”, line 32, in
class User (db.Model, UserMixin):
File “/app/models.py”, line 47, in User
NameError: name ‘active’ is not defined

The error occurs because a column has not been added to the user model active:

active = db.Column(db.Boolean())

This column is required for the module to work. Flask-Security

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One Comment

  1. can u clarify this
    because i am having trouble with this active is an invalid keyword error
    i dont have active in my model
    neither am i using it while creating

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