Acronis True Image 2021 competition results and a little more about protection

Now it’s time to sum up the results of the competition that we announced on August 21 in a post dedicated to the announcement of Acronis True Image 2021. Under the cut are the names of the winners, as well as some more information about the product and the protection needs for personal users.


The last post, in which we talked about the innovations in Acronis True Image 2021, drew a fairly large response. However, the comments included not only stories about real fakups with data loss, but also a number of questions that, apparently, worry many. Therefore, today we will answer the main ones and move on to honoring the winners of the epic fail contest.

Your way to Russian users

Several Khabrovites noted at once that ATI cannot be bought on a global site if you are from Russia. And this is true, because Acronis Infozaschita LLC is developing and localizing Acronis True Image in Russia. It is a Russian company that adapts data protection technologies and supports the product for Russian users. Acronis True Image 2021 for the Russian market will be available in the fall


With antivirus?

Acronis True Image includes antivirus protection, but it is not a separate product, but an engine built into the solution that complements the data protection system. The ability to intercept viruses, ransomware and other types of malware helps prevent invisible data corruption and deletion of backups, and also helps to automatically restore original files in case of damage.

The introduction of additional protection into the product was the result of the implementation of the SAPAS concept, which includes 5 vectors of cyber protection – security, accessibility, privacy, authenticity and data security (SAPAS – Safety, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity, Security). Thus, it is possible to additionally secure user information from damage or loss.


However, no one forces users to necessarily work with this feature. You can disable it entirely in the settings, or leave only the most essential part of the functions, while relying on any other anti-malware system.


Well, we figured out the formalities. And now, ta-da-am! It’s time to reward our winners. 8 people shared their stories in the comments:

  • s37 talked about how important it is to have a backup for video surveillance systems, and how you can miss a suspect in theft if you do not save data from disks in a safe place in time
  • shin_g told a touching story about the loss of game saves back in 2004. The presence of a backup, but not a regular one, has recently led to the loss of an xls-table with a home budget and purchase history for several years, as well as the iTunes library, in which more than half of ~ 10,000 tracks have already been marked as favorites.
  • wmgeek talked about how an evil ransomware hid … in the installer of the cracked Acronis software. As a result, the user’s documents were encrypted, and he began to download only licensed software.
  • CaptainFlint noted that it is important not only to have backups, but also to keep them for quite a long time. He backed up the mail database in Backblaze, but after a computer crash, he found out that part of the disk was damaged before the entire system crashed. But the storage time of old versions in the basic tariff of the service was only one month, and some of the letters were irretrievably lost. I will upgrade the tariff to a one-year storage period.
  • sukhe told a student story about a blackout in the classroom.
  • wyp4ik admitted that there were a lot of data fakups, but most of all he remembered the Dharma ransomware Trojan attack on a large office consisting of a micro-enterprise. As a result, 5 network folders of different micro-enterprises were encrypted and for some employees files were lost during 5 years of work of some employees. At the same time, for those PCs on which Acronis was installed, everything ended well.
  • drWhy shared his experience of the complexities of organizing manual backup in an office environment
  • ByashaCat spoke about the email ransomware attack, as well as the teenager’s lack of money for a normal antivirus and malware in torrents

We promised to award the best three, but, alas, we did not manage to choose them out of 8 applicants. Therefore, the general meeting decided to reward everyone! So knock on the PM, dear winners! We will send you a product key.

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