Acquaintance with vinyl players and finds on the topic: discussing expert reviews and guides

We share detailed guides and analyzes on the topic of vinyl, discuss unusual finds and historical examples, show our video reviews and thematic selections.

Photo: Adrian Korte.  Source:
Photo: Adrian Korte. Source:

Introduction to the theme, selection and customization

One Hundred Questions About Vinyl: How To Get Started With The Format… Analysis from in several parts. There is everything here – from where to find information about releases and the records themselves, including the “secondary”, to recommendations for their care and selection of a player. The latter is given more attention in the second part, which explains the design fundamentals: components, types of drives, plus – briefly discuss examples of selected player models.

IN third subsection – there are more details about motors, bearings and so-called “tables”. Additionally we recommend to study compact guide from “What Hi-Fi?” how to get the best performance from your turntable – adjust the tonearm and tracking force.

You can read about choosing a pickup and cartridge here and right here

How to approach the choice of a player… The latest guide from What Hi-Fi? From discussing the budget and the subtleties associated with the accompanying spending on the periphery when buying a turntable, to analyzing the issues of equipment, basic settings and packaging using examples of popular models.

For additional reading on the topic, we recommend that you study this material

The video above shows our new space on Khodynsky Boulevard [вот, что внутри]…

How to digitize your vinyl collection… We are trying to approach this topic, which takes time, patience and some preparation. Earlier materials on this topic are here and here, and as part of another compact analysis, we shared tips on how how to care for vinyl – properly store and clean records, plus – the player itself.

Unusual finds on vinyl

From games to secret messages… Discussing Easter eggs and hidden tracks in vinyl releases. Some people use multilateral records for this, others write messages “backwards”, and still others go further and share whole programs on their vinyl albums. They do not forget about the design of envelopes – “secret covers” is a fairly well-known topic, but the last word in the “packaging” of secret messages is holograms. Let’s talk about it.

From levitating records to sound from a cardboard box… We will tell you what vinyl gadgets are. We have six examples: a portable Sound Burger; “Running” Soundwagon and Void; modular Spinbox; laser Turntable and 8ban for 3 inch vinyl.

Vinyl instead of a postage stamp… We share our find – an unusual rarity that may interest collectors. We discuss sales statistics and the history of record brands, provide examples of recordings on such media and other unusual versions of records.

Historical rubric

Fairy tales in the USSR: the history of “children’s” vinyl… Our material is about what many are familiar with from childhood. Voice of Nikolai Litvinov, “vinyl fairy tales” and musicals with the participation of Vladimir Vysotsky, Vsevolod Abdulov and other pop stars. Philosophy, oddities, censorship – we discuss all this and share pleasant memories from the common past.

New-old formats: HD vinyl and DIY records… With the growing demand for vinyl records, a problem arose – limited production capacity. We will tell you what technologies those who would like to change this situation are investing in, where they see the future and what difficulties await them on the way to the “new” vinyl.

Between vinyl and cassette… Let’s talk about the history of Tephiphon – one of the technological predecessors of vinyl, to which it was inferior in sound quality, but still surpassed the capabilities of shellac records. This audio carrier had very interesting design features, although it never really became widespread.

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