About “UFO”, Yandex-Zen or how I try to become an author

https://zen.me/1ziR5bx3), these are the resources that one way or another will be constantly used and certainly show the whole abyss and “madness” of my venture, that at the very initial stage there are already so many nuances, information and it is still constantly changing that not every person wants to dive into all this (or do you want to have more programmers by an order of magnitude ?, this question is deeply tied to the economic part, including current programmers).

And if you think about it? Could my article be helpful? Perhaps yes, just not for beginners who want to enter this area, but for all kinds of programming schools, so that they can still customize their training programs for people with different “backgrounds”. That is, for example, everyone knows Figma, Photoshop, some points on the operation of computers, networks, and so on, and I have a question: “Why should I go through this?” – I know that. I know layout, typography, work and development of computers, networks, the Internet. Wouldn’t it be better for such people, who already have some experience in related professions, to draw up a training plan with an in-depth study of materials specifically on programming, where the human language will tell what it is and what it is eaten with? In my opinion, any person, having made an effort on himself, become what he wants, there would be a desire, and it is possible to find information, the main thing is to sort it correctly. If the community also helps in this sorting, then everything should go like clockwork.

So what is “UFO”? Will we cooperate on mutually beneficial terms or not? It will be interesting to know what I will come to after a short time? Will the community be interested in watching the battle of the “little man” with the incomprehensible “abyss of the programming world”?

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