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Covid and all that, a lot of information has been received over these two almost years, but as if from the very beginning I had my own thoughts that worked and now it is important to still wear masks, but not shit masks, but normal ones.

FFP2 masks have probably already been overlooked and in general their difference is that they fit more tightly to the face, leaving no gaps, so at least some kind of filtration is obtained, doctors in hospitals wear such masks, but they additionally press them with glasses and this an important point. Construction or technical glasses cost $ 100, but they will press any mask near the nose and eyes, that is, there will be no gap on this part, and this is already a plus. Wearing a mask outside in frosty weather is as possible as possible to preserve heat, for example, so that the face does not freeze, but condensation will form, especially if there is no exhalation valve. There is an opinion of scientists that a more moist mask, they say, absorbs more viral particles, well, I would not say that, because inhalation and exhalation are actually blocked, and through the same drops this virus will migrate in any direction, this is such an IMHO. But the mask a la “melitsinskaya” does not filter 80-90% at all, because according to the laws of physics, the gas goes to the zone with lower pressure, and this is clearly not the filtration zone and air enters and exits remarkably through the gaps along the edges of the mask, where it gathers like an accordion or is simply stretched between the nose and eyes.

As a result, the main message, in addition to the normal mask (thanks to the CEP), is cleaning the mask, because after each trip we collect a layer of some particles on it, these are not quantum particles or mu-mesons, these are some proteins (and arrows) , and so their denaturation perfectly happens in the microwave and in this know-how, you need to take scissors, carefully pick out a piece of wire from the mask and put this mask in the microwave for standard 30 seconds, after 8-10 seconds this wire starts to burn, so even 10 and then turn the mask upside down, while it is better to put it in a container so that the mask does not lie, but stands and the entire surface passes through the radiation of the magnetron. Then we calmly take out and insert the piece of iron back. Filters and masks with carbon filling – you cannot shove in there, because they also quickly begin to warm up and the mask becomes leaky.

But this is just a saying, but where is the fairy tale, because masks are 100 rubles apiece, but with microwave cleaning, such a mask will last at least a week, it will just become dirty and, as it were, unpleasant to use. Therefore, I developed a secret innovative mask, secret because no one ever found out about it.
The bottom line is simple – there are two problems – holes (and fools) and filtration, that is, you need to close the holes and improve filtration, you need to do it cheaply and in large quantities, there are Chinese versions made of silicone and plastic, they are available on request, but if you need it right now?
And in general, you can make a simple form out of paper, which solves both problems, because an ordinary mask becomes a filter and you can also add a filter from a napkin to it, or let’s say there is a half chick, the same toilet paper, I remember someone even turned around on the box entirely with this paper at the beginning of the pandemic, in general, it also pushed me, because this paper is two or three ply and when it gets wet, it also swells, in short it is very accessible and convenient to use.

A little Suprematism, where can we go without it
A little Suprematism, where can we go without it

Of course there are videos, a lot https://vimeo.com/474040296 , but as it were, the essence is clear and we get a little not the best looking, but a product that can be easily sharpened for yourself, because the paper can be cut like a hosh and it also folds under any nose and face shape, after a couple of minutes it it gets slightly wet and takes exactly the shape that is needed and, in general, fits perfectly to the face, taking into account the angles on the nose and the flat surface of contact between the form and the mask. It can be thrown away, you can make a new one in a minute, all materials are available in any office and you do not need to steam too much. As if one of the features is that on inhalation it works like a filter and the mask is pulled onto the mold itself, and on exhalation the mask itself moves away and works like an exhaust valve. With a paper filter, it is easier to leave the mask dry and therefore the filter will work better, and the paper can then be easily changed, and it is not necessary to take a three-layer one, two is enough.

Those who have a good mask are healthy, then the first option for cleaning, those who already have a pack of disposable ones, the option with a microwave can work immediately on a pack of masks and therefore they can be changed at least five times a day, and then immediately clean everything, like it would be safer and more hygienic in principle than wearing one and the same one, but of course it’s always too lazy to get worn out with all this.

The meyan also has an electric mask, the jamb is that it hums and the filter, in fact, should clog up faster, because it constantly draws in air, in any case, people react like Darth Vader, in principle it is convenient, the real jamb is that the exhaust the system is not thought out, when you turn on the turbo, the valve remains open longer due to the air pressure and does not always close, plus there are technological holes in it for buttons, under rivets and through them, in general, air pulls in, and the exhalation also partially blocks air intake because the small valve holes are missing. But in general, I like onion and fil more, because it is a little easier to breathe, but in fact not much, I expected more, and so of course she is stylish for one and a half mowers, but I could buy a dozen ffp2 masks and a ton of medical masks.

RPG-2 pleased me most of all, but there, as it were, the problem of filters can arise, because the virus and moisture and the filter – somehow all this can not make friends in the best way with the surface. That is, the electric mask is a problem to clean, there is also a battery, and the devil knows what you grabbed, did you breathe or someone else’s virus, that is, when there is a variant of the problem, it is better to replace the mask than to think that you have there it is or not. Therefore, I have an electric one for sports, or there is ultraviolet light, maybe it can be cleaned, but I don’t have this lamp yet.

In general, there are solutions and they may be different, now we have a pre-holiday period, but at the same time, omicron and the second strain already exist, my opinion is that it is better to walk around in a mask for two weeks, so that later we can somehow celebrate the holidays, but better, so that the holidays are also not particularly to meet with the sick, and then we will have at least some favorable variant of development. If you do everything as before, then it will remain so – lockdown, give me money. For population immunity, I believe, conditions are also needed, if the vaccinated become infected, then for some period they also spread the virus, albeit less, but still, as if the chain of spread is not simply interrupted, some other conditions are needed, here is one solution.

Another more difficult implementation is to separate the rush hour flows in time, so that the density in the metro and buses is lower, for this you need to stupidly shift the opening hours of different enterprises, the problem here is how to do this. A simple option is that one person comes to our office in the morning, and the rest are pulled up later, because he knocks down from work earlier, the rest too later, well, or as needed, not one endure the whole life, you can change in the morning in the evening. But in the end, such an option is easier to implement and there are fewer traffic jams, and the infection rate is lower, some people can decide everything remotely, and do office meetings at some general period of time, just to meet and discuss without zoom or teams, that is, time management 2.0 … But the problem is that people of other professions are mostly susceptible to this and in general it is difficult for them to agree on shifts. But this is a different topic, but we have a topic of masks and I think that in general it is disclosed, statistics on filtration and all that – I think it was here, and the types of masks – can be found. I give my decision, the rest is your choice.

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