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Vladislav Martynov — Entrepreneur, private investor in the field of high technologies, more than 20 years of experience in the global IT market. One of the key figures in the Russian blockchain industry, stood at the origins of the BlockGeeks platform, participated in the work of the supervisory board of the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization that coordinates the development, development and improvement of the Ethereum blockchain.

He was the co-founder of Yota Devices, the YotaPhone dual-screen phone manufacturer, Iceberg Analytics, a cloud-based sports analytics service using artificial intelligence, and a number of other high-tech projects.

Today we are talking with Vladislav Martynov about his new projects related to artificial intelligence technologies – neural networks and a startup BotHub, where Vlad is a co-founder. Also talk about the recently announced in his instagram online course “Step into the era of AI”.

We decided to discuss in detail how the idea of ​​this course on training ChatGPT, MidJourney and other neural networks came about and in general to find out how much you can earn from online training and start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence that Vladislav is engaged in.

How do you think artificial intelligence and neural networks can change our society in the near future?

Vladislav: Artificial intelligence and neural networks are the next stage in the evolution of tools that help a person automate and simplify the performance of not only routine tasks, but also the process of creativity and creation. They significantly free up time for more interesting and important things. This is their main value.

Remember, computers, the Internet, search engines like Google and Yandex appeared earlier, and this was a revolution in its time, much became easier to do. And now it’s time for AI technology.

Imagine that a lawyer or accountant has an AI assistant who knows all the intricacies of legislation or tax accounting. And he can instantly give clarifications on complex cases. Its cool!

Or a future doctor, instead of cramming, can practice more with a virtual AI patient. Or the student receives instant advice on any issues.

I am sure that AI will make our world better and more convenient. It will help all of us – both ordinary people and professionals – to be more productive and efficient.

Tell us about your new BotHub startup, where you are a co-founder.

Vladislav: The BotHub founding team was inspired to create a product by the constant problems that people experience when they communicate with digital assistants like Oleg from Tinkov or Alice from Yandex. They did not understand the context of the conversation, their communication was similar to the communication of “a deaf person with a blind person”, not a conversation with a living person. This has changed with the advent of neural networks that understand your request an order of magnitude better and when communicating with them, you get the feeling that they understand you and help you.

Our ChatGPT-powered business bot has high response accuracy and is designed to increase customer loyalty on average bill.

The more we experimented with different neural networks, the more obviously another problem manifested itself: you need to register everywhere, and sometimes it becomes a whole quest, many subscriptions, a million open windows, the need to connect vpn, buy a virtual SIM card. Therefore, there was a need for an aggregator to simplify the work with neural networks.

BotHub, through an intuitive interface, provides access to various advanced neural networks such as ChatGPT and Midjourney with one simple registration. As part of this access, the user receives useful features like a telegram bot and a library of ready-made prompts.

We believe that BotHub will make the power of artificial intelligence truly accessible to millions of people. This will help each person to maximize their potential!

Tell us a little more about BotHub’s plans for the future?

Vladislav: One of the key areas of BotHub development is the creation of chat bots for customer support. This will allow companies to significantly increase customer loyalty through quick, accurate and helpful responses to their common questions, while reducing help desk costs.

The user will be able to instantly receive the necessary information from the bot, whether it be delivery data, help with placing an order, or answers to common questions about the service. This will save customers from having to sit on the phone for a long time, wait for the manager’s response, repeat their request several times and retell information about themselves. The answer will be provided quickly and accurately.

We develop chatbots based on the powerful ChatGPT-4 neural network. This is a qualitatively new level. Such a bot is able to truly understand the context of the dialogue, keep the conversation on track, and not just imitate the conversation, as many traditional chatbots do.

In general, we see our mission in making AI technologies truly useful for business and people. I am sure that BotHub has every opportunity to bring the quality of communication with AI to a whole new level!

How is BotHub different from ChatGPT?

VladislavA: BotHub can’t really be compared to ChatGPT because our service serves a different function. It is a neural network aggregator where users can find both ChatGPT-4 and Midjourney-5. In my opinion, the neural network aggregator is much more user-friendly, since there is no need to buy several different subscriptions for each neural network separately. For example, the Midjourney image generator can be used in conjunction with ChatGPT in one place.

Our system has more options for setting communication parameters – choosing an AI model, adjusting the “temperature” to vary creativity, etc. This allows more flexible use of the ChatGPT functionality for solving various problems. We were able to do this because we work through the neural networks API. And by the way, working through the API has another plus: access to earlier models. After all, everyone heard that ChatGPT began to work worse: the percentage of errors increased. We give access to the ChatGPT-0314 model, which works much more cheerfully.

Thirdly, our solution has additional options like paying with cryptocurrency or through a fast payment system. And most importantly – no VPN and no need to purchase foreign phone numbers, you register only by email.

And besides that, we have other cool features. For example, there is a cool telegram bot that works separately from the site, based on BotHub. This is a telegram interface familiar to many, within which you can perform the same tasks without going to the site.

Our goal was to make communication with ChatGPT convenient and accessible to a wide range of users, even for people who are “you” with computers and “dummies” :).

How much money can BotHub bring in the future?

VladislavA: Of course, it’s hard to make accurate financial projections for an early-stage startup. But BotHub certainly has some serious potential.

BotHub’s revenue on the horizon of 3-5 years can reach hundreds of millions of dollars. It is difficult to name more exact figures, a lot depends on the growth rate of the user base and the quality of the product. But we will make every effort to realize the huge potential of our service!

BotHub is not only an aggregation of neural networks, but also services for training, fine-tuning and implementation of neural networks in business.

Is that why you decided to create the “Step into the Age of AI” course?

Vladislav: Yes and no. Of course, training in neural networks helps to attract more users to the botHub project. But I would have created it even if I had not been a co-founder of the project, because in the future, neural networks will force out certain obsolete professions from the labor market, but at the same time create many new ones. And it’s a huge, fast-growing market. People who are skilled in working with neural networks will be in great demand in the labor market. I would really like as many people as possible to be ready for the coming future and be competitive in it.

The ChatGPT technology itself, which appeared quite recently, but has already managed to turn the notion of the possibilities of artificial intelligence. It caused me great delight, I began to figure it out myself and I wanted to share my experience of using ChatGPT with other people as soon as possible.

I see a huge interest in this topic among a wide audience. People are actively experimenting with ChatGPT, but they do not always understand the full potential of this tool. My course is designed to tell in an accessible form about the practical application of BotHub, ChatGPT, Midjourney and other neural networks to solve real problems in study, work, and business.

And of course, the very process of learning using such advanced technologies is always an interesting challenge for me as a teacher. I try to keep up with the times and give listeners really useful knowledge that can be applied today. We have a lot of experts from different professions who practice the use of neural networks in their professional and everyday life, as well as the creators of various AI services.

Can you share what topics your ChatGPT course covers?

Vladislav: The main goal of the course is to teach students to use the full potential of neural networks, to increase their efficiency at times. This is a very practical course, we will not delve into the theory of how neural networks work and the history of their creation. We immediately consider specific cases: writing texts, creating graphics, automating routine tasks. We share our experience with experts in the use of neural networks in work, life, self-development and education.

A separate block is devoted to the use of AI in programming – this is now very relevant. I’ll tell you how to generate code, optimize content, create a simple landing page.

In general, I can’t tell everything, the course is very extensive. The program can be viewed Here.

We have tried to cover and dive into many key topics to help anyone who wants to start using ChatGPT effectively today.

How much can you earn with online courses?

Vladislav: What matters is not how much online courses earn, but how much graduates of these courses can earn by mastering new skills and tools. According to my students, the time savings and efficiency gains after completing the courses are enormous.

After all, time is the most valuable resource. Imagine what potential opens up if there are much more opportunities for family, hobbies, personal projects due to the optimization of work processes.

Or if the productivity and profitability of your business increases many times due to the introduction of new tools. As my student crypto investors note, automating analytics with the help of AI allowed them to multiply their volumes and earnings.

Therefore, I see the main value of the courses in a tremendous increase in the efficiency and capabilities of people. And this is priceless!

The course also allows you to be at the forefront of a new technological wave and derive a competitive advantage from this.

Remember how before: those who were the first to actively use Youtube and Instagram became successful in the new economy of the infobusiness. So here – the faster you master a new technology and implement it in your work, the higher your competitiveness will be. The emergence of any breakthrough technology is always an opportunity to realize oneself as much as possible.

For example, a marketer can increase the number of customers served several times without a drop in quality. Developer optimize workflows. Entrepreneur – scale business through automation. We especially focus on crypto, since many came after my other two courses and want to develop in this direction.

In short, this tool allows you to work faster and more efficiently. Whoever uses it the fastest wins. Therefore, I see the great value of the course in accelerating the practical application of AI by people in their activities.

What are these courses about cryptocurrencies?

Vladislav: Yes, in addition to the ChatGPT course, I have two more educational projects dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. These are the courses “CryptoInvestor” and “CryptoAnalyst”.

In the CryptoInvestor course, I share practical knowledge on how to profitably invest in digital assets. I’m talking about market analysis, choosing promising coins, building an investment portfolio. The purpose of the course is to teach students how to get a stable income on the crypto market.

And in the “CryptoAnalyst” course, I reveal all the nuances of the new profession of a crypto-fund analyst. I explain how to conduct a more detailed fundamental and technical analysis of cryptocurrencies, write an analytical report, do project scoring, and much more, you won’t tell about everything. You can view the program Here.

These courses essentially complement each other. They allow you to gain comprehensive knowledge for successful activity in the digital asset market, both as an investor and as an analyst.

That’s all we have. Learn, earn and grow!

And thanks to Vladislav for the interview!

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