“A weekend with sound”: interviews with audio engineers and reports from online / offline exhibitions

We invite you to take a walk through the impromptu online exhibition “Audiomania” – view selected materials from events, read and listen interviews with developers audio systems, plus – watch videos with reviews of new products of 2020.

Photo by: Petri R. Source: Unsplash.com
Photo by: Petri R. Source: Unsplash.com

[У нас на Хабре] – “Repair for sound”: acoustic preparation of the room.

Acquaintance with exhibitions of audio and video equipment (Part one, part two). We speak in simple words about events of various sizes – from large-format to specialized. We start with the High End Show in Munich and one of the largest exhibitions in Russia and the CIS. In the second half, we will discuss Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, CES and celebrate other events, including NAMM Musikmesse Russia. This back-to-back review is perfect for audiophile beginners.

“How It Was”: Vinyl Academy Pro-Ject and Audiomania in St. Petersburg… A detailed report from our event, which once again brought together like-minded people for communication. In the material for 20 thousand characters – we share notes about what was told at the lectures and what audio equipment was shown. If you haven’t been to such meetups, start your dive with this review article.

Hi-Fi exhibition 2020 in online format… This is the spring event playlist, for which we have prepared special reviews of this year’s new products. Below is an example of a video for a system with Penaudio Lumi acoustics, and we also showed compact Hi-Fi option up to 100,000 rubles

Thorens at the Munich High End Show 2019… Large photo reportage from the stand of the company that presented the turntables. The pictures show – a silent direct drive motor, an updated power supply and other components of different classes of the brand’s products. The review also includes photographs of the updated “legend” – Thorens TD 124 DD.

Interview with Viktor Lagarpov, technical director of World Audio Distribution… This company deals with such brands Arslab, Penaudio, Old school and Cold ray… In an interview, Victor tells how he got into the audio industry and came to cooperate with Audiomania. Also – explains how the production of acoustic systems and other audio equipment is organized in our factory in Riga

Alt van den Hoole answers the questions of Audiomania… Last year, we talked to the legend of the world of sound, discussed many topics (timecodes – in the description of video): from multichannel audio in music to new products and running a hi-fi business. The record of our meeting is further:

Continuation of the tour “on Drum”… In the last collection, where we shared guides for acoustic room preparation, our cinemas and Exhibition… This time, we present a detailed report on how everything works with us. It was prepared by Stereo.ru experts, providing their assessments with numerous illustrations, and the text with details from what they saw.

Report from Munich High End Show 2018… We have several reviews of the 2018 exhibition at once (here is another one in two parts – the first, second). Here are a lot of photos, a huge amount of interesting details and nuances from the event, which were shared by the journalists of Stereo.ru.

“Music is the best psychoemotional therapy”… The Moscow Hi-Fi & High End Show 2017 was attended by Lars Møller from DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries). He shared his opinions on working with “engineering ideas”, interaction with customers, manufacturing, acoustics DALI Katch, its similarity to its Bang & Olufsen counterpart, its use of vintage designs, and a host of other topics. The interview was really detailed and deep.


Additional reading, viewing and listening materials:


PS What exhibitions do you like? Which is better – personal presence or online versions?


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