A smart domestic-made posture corrector went on sale. We looked at the new product – IBACK

The topic of posture correctors is one of our favorites: more than that, we write only about headphones with bone conduction. Surprisingly, it turns out that the entire blog revolves around bones – did not think about it before …

In the New Year, a new device appeared in the domestic market in a familiar and close category – an intelligent posture corrector. Briefly about what this device is, we will tell.

Small introduction

The posture corrector market is surprising for many reasons. Firstly, it does not seem extremely reliable for investments, however, new projects appear on the horizon with enviable constancy. And then they leave him with the same constancy. Of the dozens of projects from crowdfunding, far from all reach the shelves.

And the fate of those who were considered the leader – for example, the Lumo Lift, is in a constantly suspended state. Only two years have passed since the writing of the post by link, which was enough for the ten-year history of the best corrector to end.

In Russia, too, there are successes and failures. But our domestic market is famous for its proofreaders: we once also mentioned some unusual samples. Nevertheless, the leading position in this category is occupied by the notorious “Posture Master.”

As you remember, this is not a “smart” corrector, it does not synchronize with a smartphone, and therefore there seem to be not many ways to develop a product: to be honest, the only dynamics that is observed is a 500-year increase in price year-on-year.

And there was IBACK

I will not undertake to judge with 100% certainty, however, according to first impressions IBACK – This is a synthesis of past experience of the most successful projects in this category, both in terms of design and in terms of functionality. Up to the individual positioning elements and conviction markers:

These are indeed very familiar theses, and we ourselves cited them as arguments in our posts and collections. Of course, there is logic in them, but in the context of this material we bring them rather to prove other theses. So, we have another corrector-simulator, which promises the same profits as everyone else promised.

How does this work?

Before us is a small round sensor the size of a little more than a five-ruble coin. This sensor must be placed on the body, which can be done in three different ways: a special clip, magnet and stickers are provided here. And again, it should be noted that this closes all previous experience in one device.

All the necessary elements, of course, are included.

The sensor is a “tablet” assembled from two halves, inside of which there is a compartment for a battery-accumulator and all other electronics with a vibration motor.

It comes with batteries, as well as a special charger.

In general, it should be noted that everything is collected and packed richly. The delivery package even takes into account a special adapter for “deep” outlets – it is thought out to the smallest detail by reference, there are no complaints.

How it works?

Basic control, configuration and other joys are in your smartphone. In order to work with IBACK you need to download the application. This gives you access to a number of fairly important functions: firstly, it is a position fix.

Here you have to choose the position that you want to maintain and which the corrector will remember for you. Accelerometer Sensitivity – from 1 degree. This is a small step for the optimal tuning of your tracker.

After the detuning, the collection of statistics begins, which will show you how much time you spent for the period with the “correct” back position. You can watch this in real time.

This is a rather important feature and a real competitive advantage for “blind” proofreaders. Moreover, as you can see, only a small radius is taken into account in the correct position: the fixed deviations to the side, backward, are also considered to be the “wrong” position.

Such a “merciless” option really, perhaps, can train and train to keep your back in one position.

The second important function that was lacking in the off-line correctors is the ability to program the signal supply interval. This item is fundamentally important for mobile carriers, say, children, who can change their pose ten times over in 50 seconds – and each time it will be wrong. IBACK Vibration Interval – from 5 seconds!

In my opinion, this alone under current conditions makes this model uncompetitive and valuable. Say, to admire your position in real time – it may be useful, but rather entertaining. But managing your back position is objectively cool.

Other features of the application seemed to me “insofar as – because.” For example, the same push’i or vibration of the smartphone: this is what you can “squeeze” out of Bluetooth, and therefore it is implemented. The full list is in the Settings menu.

However, you do not need to completely ignore this menu: there is a curious item called “Exercises”. The basic section with exercises is a small digest of short workouts.

However! And this is really very remarkable: in the process of collecting statistics, taking into account your achievements, the intelligent corrector system will recommend you an individual plan with an emphasis on problem areas.

In other words, a therapeutic and prophylactic algorithm of an individual nature is built in, which has not yet been implemented in none of these device. To which, by the way, IBACK developers have official permission – a device has a registration certificate and is a medical device!

Screen RU

In general, despite the fact that the model can be reproached for some inheritance of form and content from previous inventions, there are quite valuable unique algorithms that are related to both beauty and health.

Who needs this at all?

Since we have been fond of this topic for a long time, we read a certain amount of literature, analyzed reports, looked at brand positioning of our devices. It is curious, but it seems that those who could need it directly – children in the first place – they just use it to a lesser extent.

This is how the columns now look, which reflect the demand for proofreaders:

This means, firstly, that devices of this kind are often not treated as devices for “health.” Probably, it is believed that the correctors perform aesthetic work, improve the figure, wherece comes such a high central column.

But the correctors could not satisfy the children’s market largely because of the intervals of the signal: the children are quite mobile, therefore it is quite difficult for them to fixate in one position for a minute, and in this case the corrector as a whole loses all sense, because it will mainly be silent.

IBACK seems to be now closing these point problems, without canceling the aesthetic component:

  • There are functions for health – monitoring the position of the back, collecting statistics, issuing personal recommendations
  • Flexible settings for intervals and degrees – suitable for children during lessons or homework
  • For beauty – help in developing the habit of keeping your back straight

In general, whatever you say – gizmo amazingly tolerant!

Before you say that “it reminds me of something” …

Of course, I don’t feel like pushing manufacturers directly, but not to mention this is also stupid. Indeed, IBACK has some similarities with the “Master of Posture.” But here it is necessary to carefully monitor, as they say, hands.

Firstly, this is not the only device that has similarities with another device. And among the correctors, this happened before: they tried to cross Lumo and Master on BoomStarter several years ago.

Secondly, after all, the hero of our current topic is slightly smaller in size:

Finally, as you can remember, the “Master of Posture” itself is somewhat painfully similar to the Western counterpart, known for commercials from 2008. What the creator even asked questionsto which he replied that all matches are random.

I think that this form is primarily dictated by the battery element: a round battery seems to be a logical and obvious solution for devices with such energy consumption, so it’s literally a vicious circle.

But there is still that curious. We have two formally new correctors: IBACK and “Correct Posture”. These are two developments of one author, and if the first is similar in form to a competitor, but is essentially intellectual, then the second has a different form, but it almost completely copies the TTX known to the market.

In general, until you get confused, briefly:

The second product is “Correct posture“. This is a small sensor that is attached to the body with a magnet or sticker, has a rather bizarre semi-shape with a button on top.

The principle of its work is that at the touch of a button, the corrector will remember the pose, and if within 50 seconds If you sit in a different position, you will receive a vibration signal.

To summarize some of the results.

  • Posture correctors underestimated by users of the class of devices, which still should be treated with great attention. A flat back at any age is more a step towards healthy lifestyle, normal blood circulation, less stress and more stable heart rate.
  • In the new year, we have two new posture correctors. Some functions were familiar to us before, some exist in the market now, but at a higher price. “Correct posture” is a simpler option, IBACK is more flexible in terms of management.
  • IBACK seems more promising, there is room to grow and develop, as there is software. Software is always good and interesting. Here, in addition to curiosity, you can optimize the operation of the sensor and make it as individual as possible.
  • This makes sense because the algorithm of work involves a system of personal recommendations, on which not only a beautiful figure, but also a healthy back depends. A healthy back, in turn, is the absence of pain, normal heart rate, and … the circle has closed.

The cost of a younger model is 3500 rubles. IBACK costs 7500 rubles.

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