A short tutorial on registering a computer program with Rospatent

The other day I was asked to help sort out the issue of registering my software as intellectual property. I tried to study this topic and share my thoughts.

Legal framework

Copyright regulation:

Regulation regarding the payment of state duty:

Regulation in the part of the state. computer program registration:

  • order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of 05.04.2016 No. 210

  • order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of 04/05/2016 No. 211

  • order of Rospatent dated 03.04.2003 No. 51


In general, the software registration procedure is simple. Created on the Rospatent portal chapterwhere you can find forms and examples of filling out the documents required for submission.

These documents include:

  • Application for state registration of a computer program

  • Deposited materials (in any format: code listing on paper, code listing on any machine-readable medium, + if desired, materials of audiovisual displays generated by the program), identifying the computer program

  • Confirmation of consent to the processing of personal data of the software author

  • A document confirming the consent of the author to indicate information about the author

  • Document confirming the payment of the state fee

  • Abstract to the registered software (what it is and how to arrange it I will tell in a separate note)

Next, you need to fill out an application, prepare the deposited materials and pay the state duty. We send all this to Rospatent. There are three ways to send documents:

As a result of passing all administrative procedures, we receive a certificate of registration and expect publication in the official bulletin of Rospatnet.


The public service consists of six procedures:

  1. Receipt and registration of the application: the maximum period for the implementation of the administrative procedure is five working days

  2. Verification of payment of the state duty: ten working days from the date of receipt of the application to the unit that checks the application

  3. Verification of the compliance of the application with the requirements established by the legislation of the Russian Federation: ten working days from the date of receipt of the application by the subdivision that checks the application

  4. The procedure for entering a computer program into the relevant Register (maximum two working days)

  5. Sending (issuing) a certificate (maximum five working days)

  6. Publication of information about the registered computer program in the official bulletin of Rospatent (the maximum period is twenty-five working days)

The cost of the fee for the organization: 4500 rubles.

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