A selection of networking literature from Extreme Networks

Recently, Extreme Networks has released a series of books for dummies about various networking technologies, and we would like to share them with you. What the books are about and download links in our new article.

1) Cloud management networking:
– What are cloud networks and what benefits can be obtained with their help;
– A guide to the terms, services and deployment models of cloud networks;
– Understanding the architecture of cloud networks and their generations, building blocks of software, containers and microservices;
How cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the game for accessibility, ease of management, and network troubleshooting.
– Key considerations for cloud computing and security issues;
– Prospects for critical assessment of cloud networking solutions.

Download the book “Cloud management networking”

2) Cloud-managed Networks Access Control:
– An overview of Network Access Control (NAC) and the capabilities it offers;
– The value of identity verification using authentication methods;
– The role that certificates play within the 802.1X security framework and the need to provide certificates to client devices;
– Providing guest access to the network;
– The importance of assessing the status of connected devices;
– Methods for profiling client devices;
– An introduction to ExtremeNAC, ExtremeGuest and ExtremeIOT as part of the ExtremeCloud IQ cloud-based network management platform.

Download the book “Cloud-managed Networks Access Control”

3) WIFI 6:
– A historical look at previous generations of Wi-Fi and existing limitations of their effectiveness;
– A detailed description of OFDMA, which is an essential part of Wi-Fi 6 and really promises multi-user communication;
– An overview of other important Wi-Fi 6 technologies, including BSS Color, TWT, 1024-QAM and MU-MIMO;
– Other questions about Wi-Fi 6 and considerations for deploying an existing network;
– An overview of the Extreme Networks Wi-Fi 6 Access Point Family.

Download the book “WIFI 6”

4) Fabric Networking:
– The need for a more flexible and automated network;
– Exploring the use cases of Fabric Networking;
– Studying the features of Fabric Networking;
– Choosing the right Fabric Networking solution for your business;
– Ten Things to Know About Extreme Networks Fabric Solutions.

Download the book “Fabric Networking”

If you were unable to download the book from the links, or have additional questions, our office staff is always ready to help, write to us at cis@extremenetworks.com.

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