A selection of free tester training resources

Today is the Day of Knowledge, with which I congratulate you! On this occasion, I have collected for you various free resources and platforms for teaching the profession of “tester”.

All materials used or used by myself.

1️⃣ Where do we start?

Test for career guidance. Is it yours at all?

Road interactive map for the tester

If you are interested in a roadmap specifically for manual testing, then I released a video + a diagram on this subject

A universal matrix of competencies for understanding the general trend for development at a certain grade

2️⃣ Where do we study?

In Russian

The universe of testing, or how to become a tester
Basic Testing Course, Bestseller on Stepik. Don’t expect practice, but the structure of the course is nice, as are the explanations.

Software testing from scratch? Theory + practice
My course on Stepik. If you are familiar with my channel and lessons, then this is a good opportunity to consolidate your knowledge with tests and assignments. There is practice.

Software Testing: Postman for API Testing
Basic course on working with Postman.

Interactive SQL Trainer
An explanatory course for practicing practical skills in using SQL to work with databases

Advanced Course Software Testing by Ilarion Halushka
Excellent up-to-date course https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoZfdp36DZcqq6PoJJVHlS_c_1G89bkh7&si=ggOrIUdm_w222Rd5 for testing, even Middle will be interesting.

Free automation school with a full learning process

in Ukrainian

Cost-free course Testing PZ (100 lessons) from Nataliia Pyslar Popelyshko
Lots of structured lessons https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9mn2EBC_SSySAfIxo72mzoaskkN7RNGU&si=r7KyC4bxstGccrUn for testing. There are automation playlists

In English

An excellent platform with a large number of materials for teaching testing in various areas

Tutorials on various technologies, programming languages, development. Helped out more than once to refresh knowledge of SQL, HTML, CSS, XML.

Test Automation University
Free automation learning platform with ready-made roadmaps for different languages ​​and lessons

A large number of materials for preparing for ISTQB certification in various areas

Automation Step by Step
A large number of tutorials on automation and specific tools for functional testing

In fact, there are many more materials. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I would be glad to see your recommendations in the comments.

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