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A selection of free books on OpenShift:

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  • December 4, Building a hybrid cloud infrastructure with Red Hat and Microsoft Azure

    At the webinar, experts from Red Hat and Microsoft will talk about new products and services from Red Hat on Microsoft Azure that enable you to quickly deploy a reliable and flexible hybrid cloud environment. At the webinar, we will discuss in detail how to effectively integrate public cloud resources into the existing infrastructure, as well as use new application architectures that expand your capabilities.

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  • jconf.dev

    Free Java virtual conference right on your screen: four techno tracks with our community experts on Java and the cloud, 28 in-depth sessions and two stunning keynotes.

  • AnsibleFest

    Two days of interesting reports, demonstrations and practical exercises. A great opportunity to learn how IT developers, administrators and decision makers are responding to the challenges of change with flexible open source automation technologies that move from what is to what is needed.

  • J4K Conference

    New Virtual Conference on Kubernetes, Java and the Cloud: 17 sessions with Red Hat employees, including a talk by Mark Little, Red Hat’s senior middleware man.

  • Schedule of upcoming DevNation events

    Check out the DevNation Event Plan on the Red Hat Developer Portal, including all Tech Talks and Master Courses, to plan your schedule ahead of time and register for events that interest you.

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