a participant in the Skolkovo project makes a profit from government orders, but delays the salary of his employees

Have you ever thought about which companies develop software for government customers? For example, who develops projects for the Prosecutor General’s Office , Ministry of Emergency Situations or who develops ACS for the dispatching service of housing and communal services in Moscow? What are the working conditions in such a company? Today we will introduce you to one of these companies.

The Ansystems company GOST GROUPis a member the Skolkovo project. The organization card indicates that it is expert supplier of unique advanced technological solutions». Its annual revenue for 2022 was 921 million rubles, and net profit – 40 million rubles. The main customer is government agencies or companies with state. participation. The company lives off our taxes, but does not pay salaries to its employees.

On May 19, 2023, Ansystems employees contacted us and told us about the conflict between them and the company’s management. More than a dozen employees of the company wrote complaints about non-payment of salaries. Most have already left, but there are also current employees of the company. Reviews about Ansystems on various sites may indicate that this is far from the first such conflict within the company. In addition, there officially registered case non-payment of due funds upon dismissal, which was resolved only after contacting the labor inspectorate, and one of the last labor inspections issued a warning to the company due to the violation, including 136 articles of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation “The order, place and terms of payment of wages”.

Some of the employees who applied are expecting payments from the end of December 2022. The management of the company promises to pay the debts, but reasons are regularly found not to do this. It seems that feeding “breakfasts” is a special kind of art of management. We were so impressed by this “talent” of the shareholders that we created in Telegram sticker packabout these promises.

Feeding “breakfasts” is a special kind of art of management

Feeding “breakfasts” is a special kind of art of management

At the same time, employees are asked not to file lawsuits in order not to complicate the task of obtaining funds from banks.

The total debt of wage claims known to us does not exceed the cost of a new luxury car, such as a BMW X6 or a Mercedes GLE. We are confident that a company with an annual turnover of almost 1 billion rubles can afford to pay the amount of a luxury foreign car in order to pay off all wage arrears in the shortest possible time.

Ansystems is an amazing company that embodies everything our memes from the channel “Enter our position” about employers in life. We recommend all employees to whom Ansystems has wage arrears to file claims for non-payment. If you need help filing a claim, you can contact us through our feedback form.

We believe that in the near future employees will file lawsuits in which they may require the use of interim measures. Then the bank serving the company will not make any payments, except for those that extinguish wage arrears recognized by the court. Obviously, in this case, it will become more difficult for the owners of the company to make a profit on government orders. But we hope that employees will not have to file claims, and the company will pay off all outstanding claims in the coming days.

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