A one-minute case about how financial services screw up

Just ask right away without:

1. “how can you even trust them” and that’s all.

I won’t even talk about age and gray hair, I’ll just say that for several years I worked on the side of very terry sawmills in order to know and see from all sides that it is hardly possible to believe them. But that is precisely why – if it is very short and very flat {because if it is very full and very multifaceted, then it is for a long time}, then from the principle of “from the black sheep …” – I ventured into this experiment.

2. “and this is all because of 2K rubles?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!”

No extra comments.

If you are in business, then the promised minute has gone.

financial services, so-called the financial supermarket, where you can open a deposit on more favorable terms than in banking applications, has a promotion. The essence of the promotion is this: bring a friend through a referral – get another 2000 rubles.

And like almost any promotion, it has short terms and full ones. Which, by the way, are very different.

By short terms (screenshot below, in case of imperceptible retroactive edits from the content managers of the financial parish), the bonus for a friend is paid out a maximum of 30 + 30 days (here it doesn’t even matter calendar / working days) after opening a deposit by a friend.

Well, everyone can read – I’m not misinterpreting, right?

By full terms, according to clause 3.7. (screen, of course, below) you need to wait …

… in general, in my case, wait a month longer.

But this is not the end yet, because then there was a dialogue with the operator in the chat, which forced me to oh-th.

“Thank you, goodbye, and by the way, how do you like our fucking service?”

Yes-ah-ah-ah, now the curtain.

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