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This post has only one purpose – to invite you to the Road Show SearchInform – an annual series of information security conferences that take place from September to November in the Russian Federation and the CIS. This year there are 23 cities, participation is free.

If you know one and are ready to register without wasting time – here link

If you are not familiar with the event or doubt whether it is worth your attention – under the cut we have collected arguments that (we very much hope) will convince you to be. So why go?

1. Specialized information. Road Show is a conference about information security in the context of exclusively insider threats: protection against information leaks, detection of corporate fraud, industrial espionage, waste of employer’s resources, etc.

If you have to work with these tasks, you will receive the latest information on how to do it using technical tools.

2. A lot of practice. We are not exaggerating. There are actually a lot of cases. To collect them, we interrogate the implementation department, question clients, study court practice – all in order to show what real problems the business is facing. And how companies solved problems using DLP, SIEM, DCAP and DAM systems. We will tell the clients themselves.

3. Communication with colleagues… Ask our organizers how many packs of “novopassit” were used to prepare the event in anticipation of the “second wave”. But we have kept the offline format. No webinar can replace face-to-face communication for our participants, even through masks. From us – full compliance with sanitary measures.

4. Communication with the vendor. We will talk about our products. We do this every time on the Road Show, but it never turned into narcissistic exaltation. Our position is open: we talk about our approach to information security, the participants give detailed feedback. It turns out a developing dialogue.

And it’s simple – we are not bored, there are many funny stories, lively speech, coffee break.

Convinced? Choose your city and date, you can register link

Not? We’re sorry, but there will be an opportunity, see you again!

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