a long way to the first place and salary expectations of developers

Similar The data is provided by CNEWS: according to the resource, the salary of programmers who know Python can amount to hundreds of thousands of rubles. Experienced specialists who live in large cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg or Yekaterinburg – receive the most.

Experience and knowledge, on which the amount of wages depends, was ranked in four categories.

If a specialist of the first category lives in Moscow, he can count on a salary of 80 thousand rubles. A developer of the fourth category, who lives in the capital, St. Petersburg or Yekaterinburg, can receive up to 400 thousand rubles.

The Future of Python and Opinions on the Ranking itself

Alexey Nekrasov, Python Leader at MTS, Python Program Director at Skillbox: “In the coming years, Python will strengthen itself as a leader among programming languages ​​in such areas as web development, machine learning, testing and DevOps. These changes are related to the entry into the market of new developers, testers, devops-engineers, who are now starting their way in programming with Python. One of the simplest programming languages ​​is well designed: it is easy for a developer to read programs and focus on solving a problem, not on the language itself. As for the place in the Tiobe rating, this is a good indicator. For people who are just moving into IT, it serves as a guide in choosing the first language to learn.”

Now almost all branches of business and science are implementing IT solutions – this is a global trend. COVID-19 has set a new pace for this reality and increased competition even more. So, today it is necessary to release new products to the market even faster, test hypotheses, etc.

Python handles this task better than other programming languages. In a number of areas where it is used, including the web, games, BigData, ML, information security, various solutions have already been implemented that are available as open source to anyone. This speeds up development, as ready-made solutions and tools can be adapted to your needs. By the way, within the profession “Python developer” you can learn not only to make web applications, to understand frameworks and libraries, but also to systematically approach their creation.

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