#94 — November 6, 2022

Creating an electric drill

Niels Couvreur, Digital Arts and Entertainment student at Howest University, told about the process of creating props and environments.

Steam Next Fest October 2022: how games performed

Analytics, advice and suggestions.

How the Assassin’s Creed III Animation Team Raised the Bar 10 Years Ago Despite Hardware Limitations

Jonathan Cooper recalled how the Ubisoft Montreal team created animation for the game. Developers did a great jobfrom a rebuilt combat system to ragdoll physics, making the project look impressive even after 10 years.


Cool animation in Blender

I immediately wanted to rewatch Porco Rosso 🐷✈️

From Twitter.

Realistic model rendered in Unreal Engine 5

While creating used Maya, ZBrush and Substance 3D.

Now more fingers are tracking and new hair physics

What are virtual avatars reached.

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