9 clear tools for learning and pumping English vocabulary

The Oxford English Dictionary has nearly 450,000 words! But if you learn a language as a foreign language, you don’t need to remember everything at once.

To fully communicate in English, just 2000–3000 words are enough. With due diligence and a small amount of tricks, it is quite possible to learn them in a year.

In this article, we have collected 9 great tools that will help you learn English words and make your learning routine more interesting. Let’s not rassusolit long, drove!


A great minimalistic site that is designed only for learning English vocabulary.

The scheme is quite well-known and is used on many educational resources – in various exercises the words are repeated until the student stops making mistakes in them.

Everything is as simple as possible:

  1. Drive into the search the field of activity for which you want to learn words.
  2. Choose the set of words that you like most.
  3. Add it to yourself and learn.
  4. Profit

At Quizlet, you can learn vocabulary with:

  • Classic cards. On one side is a word in English, on the other a translation in Russian.
  • Exercises. There are several types of tasks like “choose the correct translation from 4 possible answers” ​​or “write the meaning of a word”.
  • Games There are only two of them, but they allow you to diversify the process of learning vocabulary.

In terms of functionality, there is absolutely nothing unusual here, but the nice design and the absence of distracting factors do their job – it’s quite nice to learn vocabulary here.

ED Words

Our development, the training on which is built on the curve of forgetting, it is the Ebbinghaus curve.

In short, for the most effective study of vocabulary, you just need to observe the correct time interval between repetitions of words.

According to this technique, 90% of the new vocabulary can be remembered in 3 days:

  • The first repetition is immediately after learning the word.
  • The second repetition is 15-20 minutes after the first.
  • The third repetition is 8-12 hours after the second.
  • The fourth repetition is 24-32 hours after the third.

So in just 4 contacts with the word you can study 90% vocabulary, even if you think you have a bad memory and no ability to learn a language.

The fifth repetition 2 weeks after the fourth increases the percentage of learned words up to 97.5.

ED Words will remind you when you need to train words and select the optimal mode for learning words. So you can learn up to 300 new words per month – this is quite real.

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An excellent program for learning English for beginners. For students with a level of knowledge, Upper-Intermediate may seem a little boring, but for beginners, it’s just super.

Interestingly, you can choose which English you want to study – British or American. After all, the vocabulary in them is different, sometimes even very much.

On the site you can learn not only words, but also whole phrases. This is useful, but the portal functionality itself is slightly crookedly sharpened for them. For example, when translating a phrase or phrase in the “wrong” versions of the answer, they often give single words. So even without knowing the correct answer, you can easily guess.

But overall, the resource is very useful. The site has just a huge number of word collections – from the vocabulary of daily use to very specific thematic terms.

Reverso context

Just an indispensable tool that allows you to learn how to use an English word or phrase in the context of the language.

We recommend working with him directly in the process of learning words. The system immediately displays the most common meanings, examples of using the word in English and translation of the phrase into Russian.

There are a lot of examples – there are hundreds of common and common words and phrases. You can easily understand all the nuances and meanings of each individual word.

The resource is also great for verifying the correct use of words and phrases. If in doubt whether you used the word form or phrase correctly, drive it into the search. If in the examples there is the same meaning, it means everything is correct.


Just the best English text verification service.

It helps not to be mistaken when you use English in correspondence or write any texts. And most importantly, it helps to fix outdated errors when you initially incorrectly remember how a word is spelled, and then you cannot remember the correct version.

In addition, Grammarly provides a good thesaurus of synonyms for words and phrases that can be noted without being distracted from the text.

For work with any text materials it is simply irreplaceable.

We recommend using not the desktop version, but the browser extension. If desired, you can also install the extension on your smartphone.


Learning English can be useful not only for you, but also for other people.

The Freerice project is a charity initiative of the UN World Food Program.

The educational load of the resource is quite simple. You choose synonyms for words in English or grammatically spelled sentences. And for each correct answer, grams of provisions are accrued, which in the future will be sent to the needy.

That is, you, pumping your English, make your small contribution to the fight against hunger around the world.

The only thing that the resource is suitable for students who have an English level higher than Intermediate. Because everything is in English and the mode of “study” is simply not provided. You are already working on well-known vocabulary in practice.

Cambridge dictionary

Is it possible to learn a language normally without using a dictionary? Unlikely. Therefore, we take the most normal online available. We think this is the Cambridge Dictionary.

It contains sufficiently detailed explanations of words. So studying one word, you can find a couple more, which are worth throwing into the dictionary for study. By the way, words for study and selected meanings of terms can be added to lists directly in the dictionary.

And if you delve into the bowels of the site, you can find excellent thematic collections of words for any field of activity and situation. There are even tests that allow you to check the knowledge of these words.

In general, the Cambridge Dictionary is a useful and required tool.


A cool dictionary that uses cloud associations. You drive in a word, and the system gives you everything that is connected with it: synonyms, antonyms, cognates, terms that are associated with it, and much more.

The result is a fairly branched tree of associations, which can be used as you like.

What is especially good – when you hover over a bubble with the word, the system gives you an explanation and an example using it. If you want to diversify your language and learn synonyms of already known words – this is definitely here.


A complex, but extremely effective way to pump your vocabulary. The only negative is that you should already have a level of language proficiency of at least Upper-Intermediate, and preferably Advanced.

Even in order to solve children’s crosswords, you need to have a vocabulary of 2000-3000 words. I am for those who are designed for adult native speakers and do need to know at least 5000 words. This is ideal. In reality, you can try to solve crosswords without too much vocabulary. Just in this case, some words will have to be solved by the method of scientific poking.

  • In this application crosswords for children. As a training tool, they are suitable for students at the Intermediate level.
  • Here is the resource with medium crossword puzzles. Nothing supernatural, but the vocabulary can be rocked well.
  • And here more complicated options. Guardian creates crossword puzzles that will be intense for the native, and for a student of English as a second, it’s terrifying how complicated it is. But if you learn to cope with them, you can safely say that your vocabulary is no lower than that of any native speaker – this will be true.

In general, you can choose absolutely any website with crosswords. But we recommend choosing those that check the answers immediately after the introduction, and not at the very end. So it will be a little easier to work with vocabulary.

Learn English words with pleasure. In fact, this is much simpler than most students imagine. And we are ready to prove it to you!

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