8 open source projects

I present several source code projects ranging from productivity tools to B2B applications. Solutions can be used as a replacement for paid ones.


License: Part of MIT Expat components, proprietary licenses available.


Chatwoot – positioned as an alternative Intercom, Zendesk, hubspotSalesforce Service Cloud.

Currently only chat with support for multiple channels: Email, Facebook pages, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

I note right away that the product can be installed locally in the Community Edition. I did not find functional differences from the paid version in the documentation, but it will be without support.

The solution architecture contains the following services:

  • Chatwoot web services

  • Chatwoot workers

  • DBMS Postgres

  • DBMS Redis

  • Email services (SMTP / sendgrid / mailgum etc.)

  • Object storage (S3, Azure Storage, GCS, Yandex Object Storage, etc.)

Chatwoot architecture
Chatwoot architecture


  • Shared inbox – interaction between the team is simplified using a shared inbox. Assignment of different tasks from one inbox to different performers;

  • Chat – live communication on the site to improve user experience;

  • Channels – support for multiple channels of user interaction: Email, Facebook page, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line. Access to different channels is combined into one stream that does not require switching;

  • Automation – automation of routine tasks;

  • Chatbots – creating Dialogflow and Rasa chatbots and connecting to inbox;

  • Mobile application – increasing the availability of interaction with users through iOS and Android applications;

  • Integrations – Integration with Slack, WordPress, Dialogflow and Rasa is available.

You can learn more about integrating live chats into websites here.



Apache-2.0 license


Amplication – a low-code/no-code tool that allows you to generate a NodeJS application with a beautiful administration panel in minutes.


  • Generating React Admin UI with react-admin

  • NodeJS application with Postgres database

  • GraphQL and REAT API

  • Sync with GitHub or download as a zip file

  • Environment for development, testing

  • Docker support for cloud deployment

More information about working with the project can be found here.



MIT License

Dokz – Documentation tool based on MDX. Simple and easy replacement for Docusaurus. Don’t waste time documenting websites, use Dokz to quickly document your project.

It is an engine for writing websites with content in Markdown format. It is assumed that then the site will be uploaded to some site with NodeJS support, for example, Netlify.


A non-standard approach to documentation, support for a separate documentation process will be required. Now the approach of documenting in code with subsequent generation of documentation is more popular, for example, using Sphinx.

party row

MIT License

partytown – a lazy-load library that helps move resource-intensive scripts from the main thread to web workers. The main goal is to speed up the application by separating the main application thread and third party libraries that are passed to the Web Worker.

Application structure without Partyrown (left) and with Partyrown (right)
Application structure without Partyrown (left) and with Partyrown (right)

If your application contains third-party scripts, such as Google tag manager, Live chat widget, A/B testing, trackers, their use may slow down the site. Partytown allows you to unload these scripts from the main process in the Web Worker, offloading the work of the application.


  • Support integration with Astro, Gatsby, HTML, NextJS, Nuxt, React, Remix, Hydrogen(Shopify)

  • Support for various third party services (Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Launch, Freshpaint, Hubspot Tracking, Intercom, Klaviyo, TikTok Pixel).

An example of integration with Nuxt

Installing Partytown

yarn add @nuxtjs/partytown # or npm install @nuxtjs/partytown

Adding the Partytown module to nuxt.config.js

import { defineNuxtConfig } from 'nuxt3'

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ['@nuxtjs/partytown'],

For scripts that need to be loaded in a separate Web Worker, add the attribute type: ‘text/partytown’

    <Script type="text/partytown" src="https://example.com/analytics.js" />


License GPL-3.0


typesence – Open-source alternative for Agolia and Elasticsearch. According to the authors, the product works super fast and easily integrates into applications.


  • Correction of typos

  • Spatial Search

  • Easy to install, maintain and scale

  • Fast

  • Dynamic sorting of results using specified fields in a query

  • Filtering support

  • Grouping similar query results

  • Federated search between multiple collections in one query

  • Clients for JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java

  • Distribution of access via API keys


License GPL-2.0


BackdropCMS – open-source content management system (CMS) based on Drupal. Allows you to create custom web sites. You can create any site from your own blog to an e-commerce site.



MIT License

Hoppscotch Interface
Hoppscotch Interface

HoppScotch is an open-source alternative for the Postman API testing client.


  • lightweight

  • Fast

  • Themes

  • PWA

  • GraphQL and REST API

  • All the features of Postman

  • Can be run locally from source or in a container

Run to container:

docker run --rm --name hoppscotch -p 3000:3000 hoppscotch/hoppscotch:latest


AGPL-3.0 license

NocoDB user interface
NocoDB user interface

NokoDB – open-source client alternative for visualization and analytics air table. Converts many databases into smart spreadsheets. The user does not need to write queries or code.

Presentation of data in the form of a gallery
Presentation of data in the form of a gallery


  • spreadsheet interface

  • automation extensions for working with chats, mail, SMS, WhatsApp

  • API access (REST, GraphQL, JWT authentication, social networks, etc.)

Presentation of data in the form of a calendar
Presentation of data in the form of a calendar
NocoDB architecture
NocoDB architecture

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