8 important web applications for developers

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1. Online GDB

Online gdb Is a browser compiler, interpreter and debugger. It supports 20 programming languages, including C, C ++, Python, Ruby, C #, Swift and javascript.

I find this web application invaluable for checking snippets without having to run an IDE or terminal session.

In addition, it is perfect for improving programming skills or learning a new language.

2. JSON Schema Validator

There are many online json validation tools, but I think JSON Schema validator the best of them. It can validate JSON, JSON schemes, and also validate JSON against the schemes that the user sets.

It also contains a large number of predefined schemes, in comparison with which you can validate JSON. I don’t use the JSON Schema validator every day, but if I have difficulty parsing the JSON file, it is indispensable for fixing the problem.

3. Regex 101

Regex 101 – a great tool to learn regular expressions. It allows you to enter any text and find matches in it based on user-defined regular expressions.

This web application not only instantly finds matches, but also dynamically presents the result of regular expression actions, including detecting errors if you typed something incorrectly.

4. Font Awesome

Font awesome – This is an online directory containing over 1,500 free icons, including standard application icons, company icons, and other useful symbols.

You can download the icons as a font set. Opentype or in SVG format. In web applications, they can be used directly via JavaScript using the icon tag.

In my opinion, Font Awesome is especially useful when creating prototypes: with its help, you can quickly enter icons into the developed application even before the approval of the official design.

5. Stack Exchange

If I had to choose only one the most important web application i would choose Stack exchange.

Stack Exchange is a network of sites with questions and answers on various topics. This resource is used by more than 11 million people, which indicates its solidity. On the Stack Overflow programming site, questions are often answered within minutes of being posted.

I learned a lot on the site Stack overflowHe helped me solve many practical problems.

If you are a beginner programmer or your level of knowledge in this area is average, try to ask a question there the next time you encounter difficulties. If you are a fairly advanced specialist, you can give answers yourself to some questions.

6. GitHub

It seems to me that this list would not be complete without Github! GitHub is a web service for implementing access to repositories. Git and managing them. It also includes features such as bug tracking, wiki, project releases and project kanban boards.

On GitHub Pages Hosting is provided for basic websites or blogs. For me, GitHub is a universal resource that contains everything you need to manage a software project, document it, and release it.

7. Unicode Table

Unicode table represents a huge Unicode character database with search function. It includes notes, arrows, emojis, currency signs, mathematical symbols, Chinese characters and everything you can imagine.

For each character, along with Unicode, HTML and CSS codes, an insert version is provided, as well as full data UTF encodings. Please note that a Unicode-compatible font is required to display these characters in the application.

8. Music for programming

Finally, meet one of my favorite web applications – musicForProgramming! It contains over 50 playlists with music specifically designed to improve concentration.

There are arguments for the fact that music helps to focus, and I believe that some musical styles are better for this than others. I do not use this site every day, but it seems to me just amazing! Sometimes this resource is exactly what I need to increase concentration.


Hope this list has been helpful to you. If you know other interesting web applications for developers, it would be great to read about them in the comments to this article.

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