#66 – April 17, 2022

From news: Unity 2021 LTS, Cascadeur 2022.1 EA, AMD HIP-RT, Rust GameDev 32.

Of interest: working on lighting and environments for Cyberpunk 2077, about creating games on your own 3D engine alone, the importance of randomization in game design, garbage collection in Unreal Engine, an invisibility cloak made in Blender.


Unity 2021 LTS released

In this version key:

  • Visual programming tools are now native

  • Faster asset import

  • Improved C# 8 and .NET support

  • Native support for NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR in URP

  • Speed ​​up build builds

  • URP improvements to point shadows, highlights and decals

  • Lots of other improvements.

Cascadeur 2022.1EA

Update adds A Python API and node editor for customizing character rigs, and introduces an unfinished weapon animation constraint system.

Axiom 2.2 released for Houdini

Update does The fluid solver is even more efficient in terms of memory usage and adds native support for Metal to the public beta on macOS.

New version of Bevy engine 0.7

Skeletal animation and skinning of meshes, support for compressed textures, render to texture and much more.

Motion Builder 2023

AT release moved to Python 3, added support for Rocky Linux and much more.

First look at Anima 5 in Unreal Engine 5

Anima allows characters to avoid collisions, go up and down stairs, escalators, walkways, moving sidewalks and more. The characters are controlled by artificial intelligence with automatic procedural movement, the program can help you achieve realistic crowd animation.

AMD Releases HIP-RT Ray Tracing Library

HIP RT simplifies writing a ray tracing application in HIP, and the library and API are designed to be easy to use and easy to integrate into any existing HIP applications.

You can download from site.

Rust GameDev #32: March 2022

New release Rust digest about developing games in this language.


15 free smoke, fire and dust simulations in VDB format

JangaFX released new free simulations of gaseous liquids of types commonly used in VFX and game development, including fire, smoke, dust, tornadoes and clouds.

Learn To Make Games in Unreal Engine 5 Humble Bundle

New Humble Bundle is a set of courses for learning UE5 using both blueprints and C++.

Free content in the Unreal Engine Marketplace in April 2022

New portion of free assets.

Interesting articles/videos

Playground and level design

In these sessions with the 2019 GDC, Jerry Belich and Andrew Yoder are quick to learn some lessons from applying level design techniques to video games in unusual or unexpected ways.

Unpredictable Fun: The Importance of Randomization in Game Design

In his article Kristo Nobbs delves into examples of how to set up randomization in the game.

Unreal Engine 5 from an artist’s point of view

If you could create infinitely detailed worlds with full lighting, what would you do? And how would you do it? Author is divided the things he’s experienced as a developer and where the technology is heading.

Divide and Conquer: Deterministic and Scripting Match3 Engine

BIT.GAMES studio technical director Pavel Shchevaev told about the process of developing the Match3 engine for the game Storyngton Hall.

Optimizing calculations in Unity

The author of the article shares a story about profiling and (some) optimization of one small library for bending meshes along curves, found on the open spaces of the github.

Creating a Harry Potter VR Experience in New York

VR project developers told about working on it and about using UE.

Creating games on your own 3D engine alone

Many years ago, the author was creating small Flash games and published them on the Newgrounds website. Now he makes full-fledged games for the PC.

He has 4 finished games on Steam, about the process of making the last one he told in the article. I worked on the game for about 6 months, in the evenings after work and on weekends.

Working on lighting and environments for Cyberpunk 2077

Members of the Treehouse Ninjas team who worked with CDPR told about creating lighting for Cyberpunk 2077, talked about their technical and artistic approaches to environment art, and talked about the benefits of environments in an open world.

Convenient work with console utilities in Unity

Grigory Dyadichenko spoke about the possibilities of extending the Unity editor, and how you can simplify your work using the example of turning nginx on and off from Unity. The author goes through the topic of building AssetBundles and working with processes in C#.

Dragon battles in Century: Age of Ashes

Epic Games Team met with art director Pascal Barrett and head of marketing Laurent Denis from indie studio Playwing to learn how the team perfected the aerial ballet of dragon flight, what inspired it, and how to make a good aerial combat map.

How to build a portfolio to get a job as a gamedev artist

Tips from MY.GAMES recruiter and BIT.GAMES creative director.

What should be the portfolio of an artist who wants to work in a game studio? What recruiters and art leads value the most, how much work to show and Why can a company refuse??

Creating a Stylized Fishing Boat in Blender, ZBrush and Substance 3D

3D artist Yusuf Algoz shared The workflow behind the Fishing Sales Boat project explained the pipeline used and how to create stylized textures.

Top view culling system

Developer shared 3 different effect shaders to cool obstacles for URP Shader Graphs and BIRP.

Garbage collection in Unreal Engine

The article describes garbage collection both in general terms, in terms of the algorithms it uses and the problems it solves, and the implementation in the Unreal Engine in particular. Additionally, practical advice on working with garbage collection and analysis of the most common problem cases are given.

Creating photorealistic eyes and skin in Maya, ZBrush and XGen

Kirill Klyat told about the process of modeling and texturing eyes and skin in the Keiko project and gave some tips on working with hair.

Procedural generation of a hexagonal mesh in Unity

The video tutorial shows how to create a hexagon procedural mesh. Additional logic to support 3D hexagonal shapes and mesh them.

The implementation is shown using Unity and C#.

Ray Tracing 4 Year Retrospective

AT article presents a retrospective of ray tracing experiments performed using compute shader implementations.

The author talks about several experiments and provides links to each of them.

Draw the landscape with math

The video provides a complete step-by-step guide to creating an environment using a shadertoy. The author shows how to implement landscape using fractal surfaces.

Also shows how to apply color correction for artistic expression.


Plant Physics in Unity

  • Used particle physics + spring system.

  • Custom GPU skinning decision for rendering. There are fewer features than in SkinnedMesh, but this solution is lighter.

An invisibility cloak made in Blender

From Twitter.

Manga style scene created in Unity

From Twitter.

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