#64 — April 3, 2022

From news: AMD introduced the Orochi library, Godot 3.5 editor now works on Android, what’s new in 3ds Max 2023 and Maya 2023.

Of interest: a skybox with a change of day and night in Unity, how to ethically design unethical worlds, an article about WebGPU and computational shaders, Embark studio about learning a neural network to control characters, Intel reports from GDC 2022.


AMD introduced the Orochi library

She allows dynamically load HIP/CUDA depending on the card used. Now you can build one binary and load the corresponding driver at runtime.

The syntax is very similar to HIP’s. All on Github.

Godot Editor 3.5 now works on Android

Now you you can Fully run the Godot game engine on Android thanks to Godot 3.5 beta. This allows you to develop, run and debug entirely on the same device.

CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS will be released on April 5th

This update include support for Visual Studio and Adobe Animate. There are also new updates and features, such as the addition of Flow Graph and Schematyc nodes to the GamePlatformPlugin, and the addition of Schematyc nodes for Scaleform. Integrate Scaleform 4 support, including custom rendering to improve performance.

Roblox introduces real-time face motion capture animation

Company working on a neural network-based technology that will add real-time emotions to Roblox avatars.

Autodesk showed 3ds Max 2023

IN this issue 3ds Max retopology tools have been updated to handle large datasets, a new Autodesk Standard Surface Compliant mode for physical material has been added, and support for glTF export has been introduced.

What’s new in Maya 2023

IN release Blue Pencil is introduced, an updated version of Maya’s viewport annotation toolset, and the software’s logic modeling and retopology systems have been redesigned.

The Bifrost plugin gets Bifrost USD, a new system for creating and editing USD assets using the Bifrost graph, opening up a number of new scene layer workflows.

Vulkan Memory Allocator 3.0.0 and Direct3D 12 Memory Allocator 2.0.0

New memory usage flags, powerful configurable memory pools, new defrag API, and much more. All this is available on Github.

3DCoat 2022 has been released

New versions of 3DCoat and 3DCoatTextura contain many innovative tools and performance improvements over last year’s release.>

A list of innovations in Russian can be read at DTF.

PIX 2203.30: C++ export, UI changes and more

A new version of PIX 2203.30 has been released, and in it many changes.


Geometric Grass Shader for Unity

The grass geometry shader for the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) in Unity can be found at Github.

Interesting articles/videos

Skybox with day/night cycle

Not bad article with a step-by-step guide to implementing a complete skybox model in Unity using URP, including time of day, moon, sun, and stars.

Additionally, it shows how to integrate support for lunar and solar eclipses.

How to Show a Character’s Role Through Design: Heroes, Enemies, and NPCs

How to use visual tell about the nature of the characters, show their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their place in the game world. At the end of the article – a short checklist in the cards.

Creating an abandoned room in Unreal Engine 5

Violene Colin told about working on the Abandoned Military Camp project, inspired by The Last of Us franchise, talked about her approach to assets and lighting and talked about how to overcome difficulties when learning new software.

Ethically design unethical worlds

A conversation with the developers of Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Frostpunk and Terra Nil about ethical features abstractions in strategies and simulations.

WebGPU – all cores, no canvases

IN article provides an introduction to WebGPU and compute shaders. The author starts with the basics and goes through all the steps required to implement a simple 2D ball physics simulation.

Interview with Oleg Shpilchevsky, founder and head of Owlcat Games. 1 part

Khamin Denis talked with Oleg Shpilchevsky about working at Nival, AstrumNival, Mail and the secrets of success. How to release a dream game: order a market research, negotiate with the holders of a popular license and gain independence.

Embark Studio about learning a neural network to control characters

Team Patrick Soderlund explores the possibilities of neural networks and language models in the management of characters.

Translation into DTF.

Arcane Style Tutorial Part 1: Hair (Blender 3.0 / EEVEE)

Video tutorial on how to replicate the stylized look of hair from the Arcane animated series.

How to start learning HLSL in Vulkan

Sasha Willems collected useful resources in my post and wrote a short introduction for beginners.

Among Us developers about the successful use of TikTok

The presentation from GDC 2022 was founded based on Victoria Tran’s many years of experience in managing accounts on the social platform for Among Us, Unpacking and Kitfox Games TikTok games.

Game Pass stats verified and deconstructed

If you’re wondering what’s happening with Microsoft Game Pass, thanks to GDC we have appeared a whole bunch of new data about the platform.

How to add thousands of lights to your renderer and not die in the process

IN article provides an introduction to Reservoir-based Spatio-Temporal Importance Resampling. The basics of the technique based on the ideas of Resampled Importance Sampling are shown.

How the developers used Unreal Engine to showcase The Wolf Among Us 2 from inside the game

The entire show was filmed in the world of The Wolf Among Us 2 using Unreal Engine and lots of green screen. Epic Games Team talked with the CEO of Telltale Games, the CTO and the people at The AV Society why the developers decided to switch to Unreal Engine for this game.

Creating an Ancient Vault in Photoshop and Unreal Engine 5

Keelan McLeer shared with his Monsters Hideout project workflow, showed how to create an environment using only Quixel and ready-made assets, and showed how to set up lighting in Unreal Engine.

Intel at GDC 2022

On the page links to presentations (slides and videos) to Intel reports from GDC 2022 are collected.

The talks cover upscaling, optimization, VRS, machine learning, and optimization tips.

Detailed overview of the NVIDIA Hopper architecture

IN article details the new Hopper GPU architecture for use in data centers.

Performance indicators, new features, improvements are shown.

Building the best cars with Adobe Substance 3D and Unreal Engine

“X-TAON” is back with a new visual and a new real-time pipeline that became possible thanks to Unreal Engine.

Slides + recording of Petrik Klarberg’s talk about path tracing in real time

IN thread collected key points.


Flying Godzilla Animation in Unity

Project will be available soon in the Unity Asset Store.

Elden Ring, but really Tekken

Myself Maud.

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