6 promising cybersecurity startups for automotive


Brighter AI

German startup Brighter AI develops tools for anonymizing license plates and drivers’ faces. The solutions of this company use technologies for changing license plates and faces, blurring images and adding artificial noise. Brighter AI products protect vehicle information and personal data of its owner, and data analysts and service providers can use this data in a legal way.

SAFERIDE Technologies – Multilevel Cybersecurity

Saferide Technologies Is an Israeli startup that provides ECU manufacturers with a multi-layered cybersecurity software package called vSentry Core. The data collected by the infotainment system, telematics unit and other nodes are analyzed in real time, which allows you to identify and eliminate all potential cybersecurity threats, as well as keep track of them. All this allows you to protect unmanned vehicles from hackers and various malicious attacks.

Angoka – Decentralized Cryptographic Protocols

Angoka Is a UK startup developing hardware authentication systems for unmanned vehicles. The company’s solutions are based on non-clonable identifiers generated from the physical properties of vehicle components connected to the network. This architecture ensures the protection of the generated data and allows the formation of data storages protected from hacking.

Autonomy Chain – Cloud Blockchain

Autonomy chain Is a Singapore-based startup building a blockchain-based cloud network for self-driving vehicles. This company’s solutions use blockchain to decentralize the control network and allocate resources. This creates a secure environment in which unmanned vehicles can interact with each other and with various objects in the environment. The blockchain-based cloud enables data to be recorded and anonymized in such a way that the data can be used while remaining anonymized. The network developers strive to integrate vehicles of different manufacturers and models into their system.

Resado – Self-Driving Vehicle Sensor Digital Fingerprints

German company Resado offers solutions to ensure the safety of connected devices in unmanned vehicles. Security of authentication and interaction of various systems is ensured by digital fingerprints of all connected devices. Resado’s solutions protect connected devices and protect your vehicle from cyber attacks and hacker attacks.

Enigmatos – Digital profiles of unmanned vehicles

Enigmatos Is an Israeli startup that develops cybersecurity software for unmanned vehicles. Enigmatos solutions include a decision engine based on proprietary machine learning models and mapping technologies that generate digital profiles for self-driving vehicles. A deterministic rule-based inference system combined with digital profiles enables the detection, analysis, and elimination of cyber threats. Thus, the company’s products enable self-driving vehicles to operate safely and interact with network infrastructure.

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