5 Useful and Just Fun Raspberry Pi Projects Starting Spring 2023

This whole system is controlled by the ESP-01S, a smaller version of the popular ESP8266 module. As in previous projects, the system is housed in a 3D-printed case. If there is a desire, then the project can be repeated, fortunately, its author posted All developments under a free license.

Streaming Game Boy games with Raspberry Pi RP2040

Retrogaming is not only not slowing down, but even becoming more and more relevant. And how can you do without streaming here, when you can show the same fans of old games your own passage of the level of a game? In general, in order to do this, one of the electronics lovers decided not to look for easy ways, but to “teach” Game Boy how to stream. To help in solving this difficult task should “malinka”.

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The author of the project developed a special adapter from scratch that plugs into the cartridge slot. The latter, in turn, are connected to a special connector on the board. Well, all this transmits the stream in real time. In this case, the data transmission is transmitted wirelessly.

Unfortunately, the project is still under development, but this is no longer a render, as in the case of one of the developments described above. A full-fledged product is already working, although it still exists in a single copy.

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