5 simple usable Python pet projects

Pet project is a project that you do in your spare time to improve your skills and replenish your portfolio.

For Juns, this is a great opportunity to compensate for the lack of commercial experience on the resume.

Pet project not much different from commercial. It contains tasks of varying complexity. The more and the more difficult the tasks, the faster you develop as a developer.

Pet project requires desire, effort and free time. But the benefits in the form of experience and knowledge gained compensate for this.

All collections with pet projects about the same thing: a telegram bot for the weather, a snake and other useless things. Here I will tell you about really useful, applicable in life and at the same time very simple projects.

1. Password generator

A simple, real-life program that allows you to quickly generate a secure password.


The program offers to select parameters for composing the required password:

pwd_length = int(input('Enter password length: '))
pwd_digits = input('Include numbers (yes = y, no = n): ')
pwd_uppercase = input('Include uppercase letters (yes = y, no = n): ')
pwd_lowercase = input('Include lowercase letters (yes = y, no = n): ')
pwd_punctuation = input('Include symbols "!#$%&*+-=?@^_"? (yes = y, no = n): ')

Link to GitHub

2. File encryption

A program that allows you to encrypt and decrypt files.

Install the pyAesCrypt file encryption module:

pip install pyAesCrypt


  1. Specify the path to the file in the code.

  2. Run the program and enter the password.

  3. The files are encrypted.

To decrypt files, use the script decryption.py and enter the password you entered for encryption.

Link to GitHub

3. QR code generator

(QR code – link to GitHub repository)

A program that allows you to generate a QR code from a link.

Install qrcode and image libraries:

pip install qrcode

pip install image


  1. In the main.py file, specify the link where you want to generate the QR code.

  2. A file will appear in the folder .png, this is the generated QR code.

Link to GitHub

4. Convert video to GIF

A program that allows you to easily convert video files to GIF files.

Install the library:

pip install moviepy


  1. Specify the path to the video file.

    clip = VideoFileClip('<your path>')

  2. Enter the path to the GIF file.

    clip.write_gif('<your path>', fps=10)

Link to GitHub

5. Recognition of text on an image

A program that recognizes text in an image and writes it to .txt file.

Install the library:

pip install pytesseract


  1. Add an image to your project folder .jpg or .pngfrom which you want to recognize the text, and the file .txt to write text.

  2. The text from the image will be written to the file you specified .txt

Link to GitHub

If you also have ideas for pet projects where you learn new technologies, share your experience in the comments.

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