5 options to look out for in 2023

The developers claim that the keyboard is designed to work 24/7 – the switches are installed reliable, there should be no problems with them. Keycaps are also durable, but the symbols should not be erased in the first months of work.

Since the model is budget, there are no buttons to which you can bind a macro, and there is no specialized software for editing layouts, functions, etc. True, the cost is no longer as low as the previous options. You will have to pay $59.99 for the model.

it KB487L

A versatile keyboard designed for both work and play. The size of the keyboard is standard, thanks to which the developers managed to fit the number keys, which can make work easier, especially for those professionals who, on duty, often need to edit tables in Excel or any other spreadsheet editor.

The keys are of different colors, which makes the keyboard quite stylish. The plastic of the keycaps is of high quality, it is pleasant to touch it. In general, the keyboard turned out to be interesting. Moreover, it is also inexpensive, although it does not look budget. Its cost is about $35, which is not so much.

Well, the fact that the keyboard can be used both in games and for normal work is another plus that can be added to the treasury of the advantages of this model.

Keychron K5 SE

This model is offered with two switch options – Keychron and Gateron Low Profile. You can also choose two types of backlight, both RGB and white, as well as two types of switch mounting. The keyboard can work both wirelessly and via cable. If we talk about wireless mode, then the keyboard can be connected to three devices at the same time.

The backlight is not too bright, so it will not irritate the eyes in the dark. The developers have provided an offline mode, inside the keyboard there is a 2000 mAh battery. It is enough for several hours of work, if you work with backlight. If not, then you can work for several days, or even weeks – it all depends on the load of the owner.

It costs from $68, depending on the feature set. There are also variants of the model for $135, which can no longer be called a budget keyboard.

Bonus: MSI Vigor GK50 Elite

A great option for those who need to work with text often and a lot. The switches here are of high quality, Kailh Box White. There is an option to choose other colors. The plastic of the keycaps is non-staining, so working with it is a pleasure. True, a rubber cable can be mentioned as a small drawback, which does not have protection against kinks / abrasions. But let’s hope that the developers have thought through all the nuances well enough.

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As for gamers, they can certainly play with this keyboard. But it has neither macros nor built-in memory. So for especially advanced gamers, such a device may not be suitable.

What keyboard are you using? Please answer in the comments.

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