5 mechanical keyboards to watch in 2024

Cooler Master CK552

An excellent budget keyboard that will suit most users. It is positioned as a gaming device, but it can also be used for work without any problems. The case is plastic, with an aluminum base. Comes with Gateron switches in different colors. For example, red, blue or brown.

The CK552 has built-in memory that can store up to four profiles. In addition, you can modify settings on the fly. This allows you to easily record, modify and delete macros, as well as control the backlight.

The settings are implemented using the branded Cooler Master Portal utility. It is impossible to say that it allows fine tuning, but the basic functionality is available. In addition, you can customize the backlight for each button individually.

You don’t have to install the software if you don’t like the prospect of getting another application for your PC. But if you need expanded control over your peripherals, then Cooler Master Portal is an excellent option.

Device weight – 850 g, dimensions – 460 x 135 x 41mm. The cost is about 40 euros.

Redragon K615 Elise

This is another good keyboard, but not a full-size one. Its scale is 60%. Accordingly, there is no digital block – good news for those who do not need it. There is also a backlight that can be turned off.

The accessory comes with a detachable USB cable, but there is no wireless interface. There is also no software, so there will be no hassle with additional settings either. By the way, there are 18 lighting options at once, so you can even arrange a real light show, if, of course, it pleases you.

The switches are low-profile, so you can print without problems and quickly. The keyboard is also suitable for gaming, but if low-profile switches are not suitable for this, you can purchase something else on Aliexpress or somewhere else. And yes – there are no arrow keys. This may be a problem for some users.

The keyboard is small and not very heavy, only 300 g, so you can take it with you on the road. The cost will also please you. It is only about 35 euros.

Havit KB487L

Another versatile keyboard that's great for both work and play. It has a small number pad – if that's important to you, the Havit KB487L is perfect.

The keycaps are made of PBT, they are pleasant to the touch and do not slip. The coloring is unusual, so you won’t confuse this keyboard with any other. It doesn't look like a budget accessory, but the keyboard is inexpensive.

Those who have tried it in work or play note that there are no problems; it is very sensitive to pressure. So the device can be safely used when playing Counter-Strike or Valorant, not to mention at work. By the way, the manufacturer has a larger keyboard, model Havit KB487L, with the same colors.

It does not have a backlight, the keyboard is wired. It weighs a lot – a whole kilogram. Probably, it cannot be recommended as a business trip. In general, it has no disadvantages, if you also take into account the low cost, and it costs about 40 euros.

Logitech K845

Well, Logitech lovers, there is a holiday on your street. This is a versatile keyboard that is perfect for work. It is made in a minimalist style. In addition, there is a white backlight if needed. The backlight has five different modes – it's worth trying them all out. Your hands do not get tired even during long-term work.

The base is aluminum, so the keyboard is quite heavy – it weighs just over 700 grams. As usual, the caps can be changed. The manufacturer reports that the switches are designed for 50 million clicks, from which we can conclude that the keyboard is very reliable. Like, in fact, most other models from Logitech.

True, there are no macro or multimedia keys; the model is configured once and for all. But there are comfortable feet that allow you to change the angle of the keyboard. In general, if you need an inexpensive, reliable and convenient keyboard, then the Logitech K845 is just what you need.

The cost is about 60 euros.

MSI Vigor GK50 Elite

Despite the fact that the keyboard glows with all the colors of the rainbow, the manufacturer classifies it as a “workhorse” and not a gaming accessory. If you like backlighting, then this keyboard is what you need: the device has RGB for each of the buttons.

Size – 35x135x38, weight – 800 g.

As for switches, Kailh Box White is installed here, which many people like. But there is also a model with Kailh Blue. Plastic caps do not slip and are convenient to work with. The manufacturer reports that the plastic is of good quality, is not subject to abrasion and is durable.

The interface is wired, there are no macro or multimedia keys. But they are not particularly needed, since the accessory is intended specifically for work. If you like this style, then you can take it.

Its cost is higher than the price of other models and amounts to 99 euros.

That's all! If you have a favorite keyboard, tell us what you use and what advantages your model has.

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