4G human detection camera

This camera does not require Wi-Fi or cable Internet: a SIM card is inserted into it.
It allows you to view live video on a smartphone from anywhere in the world, as well as recordings made when a person appears in the frame.

This is one of the cheapest 4G cameras on Aliexpress. Now it costs $ 58, on sales the price can drop to $ 52.

The camera works only via mobile internet. It does not support Wi-Fi and does not distribute it, the RJ-45 connector on the cable is not connected anywhere.

The set includes a 12V 2A power supply. The camera draws about 210 mA in day mode and about 345 mA in night mode when the IR illuminator is on.

The illumination is made on two powerful IR LEDs.

Below is a sealed hatch, under which there are slots for NanoSIM and MicroSD. On the hatch there is a microphone and a speaker.

The case is metal, all-weather. The front panel is plastic. The disadvantage of this design is that the camera cannot be moved left and right relative to the mount. Only up and down and rotate around the axis.

I could not disassemble the camera: I need to remove the front panel, which is most likely glued.

The camera works with the CamHI app. Adding a camera is very simple: you need to scan the QR code from the sticker on the side of the camera in the application.

The settings and modes are the same as those of the camera (Zilink), but there is one important difference: this camera has detection of a person in the frame, which means that motion recording will not be triggered by branches swaying in the wind and flying birds.

When the camera “sees” a person, a frame appears around the person in the viewport.

The matrix in the camera is Chinese and you can not count on honest FullHD 1920×1080, but in order to keep track of whether everything is in order at the facility, the quality is quite enough.

An example of a record for human detection. I came around the corner and the camera started recording about a second later. To check the sound recording, I ask if you can hear me. 🙂


The camera consumes less than 64 KB of traffic per hour when the application is not running. A leisurely view of the current picture and three motion-recorded clips required 23 MB. If you use the camera, starting a daily view, you will need about 1 GB of traffic per month, with a weekly view, 200 MB will be enough. I used a camera with a Beeline SIM card with the Communication Z tariff, which is most beneficial for use in the camera.

The camera can be made completely autonomous by equipping it with a rechargeable battery and solar panel.

This camera is suitable for use in a garage, on temporary sites (for example, to track the progress of a construction site), and also as a backup camera (in case the main system with several cameras suddenly stops working).

© 2021, Alexey Nadezhin

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