40 channels and chats for those interested in DevOps

The DevOps industry is developing very rapidly. DevOpsDays Moscow team has compiled a list of channels and chats for those who are interested in DevOps and want to stay in the center of events. We ourselves read these channels, and even lead some.

For convenience, we divided all communities into groups: general, about tools, news and those who are not in the telegram. We hope you find it helpful.

Shared channels and chats

DevOps Moscow is a Moscow community of developers, testers and system administrators. All the organizers of Moscow DevOps-meetings and DevOpsDays Moscow conferences are sitting here. Good communication on the case.

DevOps_Ru is the biggest chat about DevOps. You can ask professional questions. Toxicity and flood have almost been eradicated, but there are still a lot of messages.

Ru_DevOps is another Russian-speaking community about DevOps, only smaller.

SPb Reliability Meetup – chat of participants of SRE-meetings in St. Petersburg. Very lamp community, we recommend 🙂

devsecops_ru – a chat about DevOps and Security. Let’s help them get closer and get in touch!

DevOps & SRE Library – a library of books and articles on the topic of DevOps and SRE.

Admin with Letter – a channel about system administration and DevOps.

DevOps Jobs is a chat where you can post a vacancy or a job search request in the field of DevOps, Docker, CoreOS, Kubernetes. Along the way, discuss the news and answer questions.

Job for Sysadmin & DevOps – vacancies for system administrators, DevOps & SRE.

Channels and chats about tools

Pro_ansible – chat about Ansible.

Puppet is a Russian-speaking community about Puppet.

Kubernetes is a Russian-speaking community of K8S users.

AWS_en – Chat about Amazon Web Services. Real pros, complex cases, everything about the case.

AWS notes – notes about Amazon Web Services.

Docker_ru is a Russian-speaking community dedicated to Docker, Docker Swarm and the entire ecosystem.

ru_docker – chat about Docker. The same as the previous one, only smaller.

Git – chat about git, its features, hacks, add-ons and ecosystem.

ru_gitlab – chat about GitLab.

ru_jenkins is a Russian-speaking group on Jenkins.

Grefnevaya Kafka (pro.kafka) – channel about Kafka.

pro.kafka – a chat dedicated to Apache Kafka.

Church of Metrics – the best chat about metrics and monitoring. For a word in the letter Z – ban.

St. Petersburg Jenkins Meetup is a community of users, administrators and developers of Jenkins in St. Petersburg.

Docker Novosibirsk – Novosibirsk chat about Docker.

Linux Help – Chat for help with Linux.

System Administration – a chat for any questions about system administration.

Envoy Proxy – a chat that discusses the intricacies and tricks of EnvoyProxy. Share experiences and help each other.

News feeds

Devops Deflope is the most popular DevOps news channel from the DevOps Deflope podcast. Many links to news from primary sources, broadcast conferences, latest releases. If you want to read only one channel about DevOps, then this should be DevOps Deflope.

DevOps News is the news channel of the devops_ru group. All about DevOps, high availability, monitoring, CI / CD, Docker and infrastructure.

CatOps – news about DevOps and more.

DevOps Engineer – DevOps Engineer's author channel in AnchorFree Oleg Mikolaichenko about DevOps. Oleg writes about top technologies and solutions, containers, orchestrators, scaling, monitoring.

Friday Deployment – A selection of links, articles and posts from the world of DevOps, SRE and development.

2pizza – jokes from hangops and more.

SPbLUG news is the news channel of the St. Petersburg Linux user group, but it will be interesting to everyone, not just those who live in St. Petersburg.

Admin Notes – Notes on Linux and server administration.

System Administrator – news, books, articles about system administration.

Those who are not in the telegram

AWS Meetups Kazan are AWS community meetups in Kazan.

DevOps-40 is a regional community of DevOps engineers in St. Petersburg. One of the organizers of the community is the evangelist of vdsina.ru Alexander Chistyakov.

Kubernetes Novosibirsk – The Kubernetes community in Novosibirsk.

#hangops_ru based on hangops – mostly jokes and nagging from professionals. Sometimes a cool construct on different topics.

Add your channels in the comments, we will include them in the general list.

And if you want to personally meet with community members, then come December 7 to the DevOpsDays Moscow community conference. In addition to presentations and workshops, there will be many chamber formats and activities for dating and talking. Waiting for you!

Thanks to our sponsors who make this conference possible: Mail.ru Cloud Solutions, Rosbank, X5 Retail Group, Deutsche Bank Group, DataLine, Avito Tech, Express 42.

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