4 cameras and a good lens from an online flea market

Without long introductions, I will show what I bought.

Panasonic DMC-LS2

Powered by two AA batteries, the LUMIX DMC-LS2 5 megapixel camera is equipped with MEGA OIS optical image stabilizer and 3x optical zoom.

This is not such an ancient soap dish, it was released in 2016, but it was widely available in 2017. You can’t count on the incredible pictures taken by it, but, in general, it’s quite a workhorse. She, according to the manufacturer, 13 compositional shooting modes for any situation. There is a flash, color correction, etc.



• Venus Engine Plus image processor

• 2.0” LCD screen with TRM technology (improves image visibility when shooting outdoors)

• High-speed sequential shooting MEGA BURST

• On-screen menu in Russian

• Built-in memory 14 MB

• Compatible with SD/MMC Memory Card

• Shooting mode switch: Easy, Macro, Program, Scene 1, Scene 2, Movie, Playback

• On-screen information about shooting modes

• 4x digital zoom

I tried to insert a 4 GB SD card into it, but for some reason it refused to work with them (although for 2017 4 GB is even small). I formatted it in FAT32, FAT, but no – I didn’t want to and that’s it. I inserted a 1 GB card and everything worked.

I checked the main functions – everything works without problems.

Its cost at the local Avito is from 20 to 30 euros, so in which case you can sell it. But while I’m thinking of giving it to my daughter – let it play.

Summary: a fully working camera that can still be used. If sold, will cover half of the purchase price.

Nikon F65 with Nikon 28-80 mm/F 3.3-5.6 AF G NIKKOR lens

An ancient fotik from 2001, which, surprisingly, still remains in service. I judge by the number of YouTube reviews that modern vlogger photographers make. It is clear that this is more pampering, but there are just a bunch of references to this camera made over the past few years. Apparently, something she fell in love with the community.

I could not immediately check the performance, because it uses CR2 batteries, which I did not have. But then I rummaged through the stocks, found the batteries, checked them – and everything worked, the camera was in working order. I don’t have film, but the lens focuses, the shutter clicks, the flash flashes. All is well with this.

There is a small LCD display that displays useful information for the photographer. In general, this is an entry-level camera, which, however, has quite a lot of functions. Among them is the automatic AUTO mode as well as five scene programs (sports, portrait, macro, landscape, night shooting). The Nikon F65 also has four exposure modes – P, S, A and M (programmed auto, shutter priority mode, aperture priority mode, manual mode).

The Nikon 28-80 mm / F 3.3-5.6 AF G NIKKOR lens turned out to be working. Its cost on an online flea market is about 40 euros, I saw a used one on Amazon for 75. In general, this lens alone covers the cost of the entire package.

“Carcass” costs 25-50 euros at the same flea market, apparently, there are connoisseurs who buy this “dinosaur” for some of their own purposes.

Summary: a working camera that can be used. It alone covers the cost of the package, and if with a lens, then the package pays for itself 2 times.

Nikon Coolpix p510

A digital camera that was released in 2012. Then it was touted for its optical zoom ratio, which is equal to 42. In addition, the maximum focal length is 1000 mm equivalent for 35 mm cameras. Well, plus there is also a GPS module for recording geotags. Now, many people turn off geolocation for photos, but then it was the squeak of technological fashion – after all, you could tell exactly where the photo was taken.

There is also the possibility of recording videos with maximum quality in HD 1080p: 1920×1080/approx. 30 frames per second. As for the photo, there is even a 3D photography function. Chic!

She also has a transformer display that can be laid out as you please.

You can describe a lot of things here, but I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary details, which, moreover, are not particularly relevant now. A detailed overview of the camera can be found here at this link.

The camera is problematic – the lens has either a deep scratch or a crack, plus there are no rubber pads in several places. If you can somehow put up with the latter, then the problematic lens is a verdict. It is non-removable, it is probably possible to fix it, but it will cost as much as several such cameras (maybe I’m wrong, then unsubscribe in the comments, please). By the way, I found here a link to iFixit,

camera repair manual


I also could not check its performance, because there is no battery. A little later, I’ll probably buy it to check if the camera works or not. But so far I don’t see the point in this – I’ll probably just sell it for parts.

At an online flea market, the price of a working camera is from 80 to 200 euros, so for 30-40 euros someone will probably buy

Summary: the camera will have to be sold for parts, I don’t need it, I have neither the time nor the desire to repair it.

Nikon Coolpix P600

This is a newer model from 2014. The camera has a swivel screen, WiFi, plus a manual focus feature that the previous model didn’t have. WiFi here is a replacement for the aforementioned GPS module, which, apparently, has not received much popularity, but transferring photos from the camera to a smartphone or PC is quite a useful feature.

The developers claim that the contrast method of focusing works fine in the camera. Improved vibration compensation, you can take pictures even on the move in the car (of course, not in the driver’s seat). Zoom 60x.

By the way, in the Russian Federation this camera is still sold on Yandex.Market, and its price is 25,000 rubles, which is not so little.

On the Spanish online flea market, it is also not cheap – the cost is from 150 to 320 euros, depending on the condition and configuration.

The condition of my copy is so-so, some rubber pads are missing. But there is no damage, so I think I will order a battery for it and see if it works.

Summary: I will buy a battery, play it myself and then, probably, sell it, bringing the camera back to normal.

What is the conclusion of the article? It is surprising that fully working cameras are thrown away. It would be nice to have a film “carcass”, but it’s with a lens, and a working one. To say that the Spaniards are millionaires, I will not say – most people live not very chic. Why not sell to someone who can and wants to buy? Don’t know. Why don’t they give their things a second life by giving or selling to other people? Unclear.

Well, next time, probably on Saturday, I’ll tell you about another purchase, which was an even bigger surprise than cameras. We are talking about a laptop from Huawei, and the details are in a new article, so do not switch.

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