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In this article, we will talk about our new product, or rather, a service that will soon open a new source of income for 3CX partners.

Now in the market of communication systems for business, a situation has arisen when small companies at the start need an extremely simple communication platform that supports both regular calls and messages, and from different messengers. Of course, 3CX has been offered in the cloud for a long time, but there are enough cloud PBXs on the market that are implemented as a turnkey service. And these systems compete with 3CX, especially in the small business segment.

The advantage of turnkey telephony services is, first of all, that you do not need to involve a qualified IT specialist to set up telephony. But to run the server 3CX, you still need it. For small businesses, the cost of these works may be excessive. In addition, the company needs to order hosting for 3CX or set up its own server. Well, then deal with the connection of SIP trunks and IP phones. In principle, all this is not difficult for an IT specialist with experience, but it takes some time, and it is not very clear to the company’s management. Another point that causes misunderstanding is the licensing model. Yes, for a system administrator in a large, dynamic business, concurrent licensing is the best option. But it is easier for smaller companies to understand licensing by user (employee).

Our answer is 3CX StartUP

Our answer is 3CX StartUP
Our answer is 3CX StartUP

So, in order to be more accessible for small businesses, we created a turnkey communication service 3CX StartUP (as opposed to a 3CX “software” PBX – a server product). The solution is completely ready to work in just a few minutes. During the initial registration in the service, you can immediately add users, SIP trunks and chat for the site. And then manage them through a simplified user interface – a web client. This can be done by the manager or any employee – without the involvement of a specialist. The system is automatically backed up and maintained by 3CX experts. And what’s more important – since the system is offered as a service, the customer does not need to pay separately for a license, hosting, support – everything is carried out as one small annual payment.

3CX StartUP editions

3CX StartUP is offered in FREE and PRO editions. StartUP FREE is a completely free system for up to 10 users. It contains Call Groups, a chat widget for the site, and 3CX Talk direct call links. StartUP PRO is offered for 10 and 20 users. In StartUP PRO 10, you can connect your own SIP trunks, DID numbers, call queue and multi-level IVR. You can also connect your hardware IP phones (not just free 3CX apps) to it. StartUP PRO 20 offers the same features but for 20 users (and costs a little more).




Shared Hosting

Up to 10 users

Videoconferencing without time limits

1 call group


3CX Talk Links

Chat to Live Chat Site

Mobile clients

facebook messenger


Only supported and preferred SIP trunk

Is free!


Up to 10 users

Native SIP trunk (supported only)

Multilevel IVR

Call Queues + Call Center Features

Call Reports

Call Recording

Auto connection of IP phones

175 USD/EUR per year

Up to 20 users

275 USD/EUR per year

A small comment on the table. International communications services charge an average of $35 per month per user. For a company of 10 people, it comes out quite a lot – $ 4,000 a year. But in 3CX you will pay only $175 for the same number of users! Of the additional costs – payment for calls according to the tariff plan of the SIP operator. Thus, our offer allows small businesses to save thousands of dollars annually – only on communication costs!

What about the regular 3CX?

The familiar 3CX Standard, PRO and Enterprise downloads will of course remain and evolve. They will be called Dedicated and will be offered to medium and large customers who require more complex, customized configurations.

3CX StartUP and our partners

An important question – how will 3CX StartUP allow partners to earn money? Excellent allow! Let’s start with the fact that, in principle, it is unprofitable for a partner to do a full-fledged (server) installation of 3CX for a small client, because. this incurs too much overhead. A turnkey service will allow you to get customers quickly and inexpensively.

You will be able to earn on an affiliate discount for the service (discounts correspond to your partner level), services, such as connecting SIP trunks (and commissions from operators) and selling SIP equipment. Direct benefits for partners:

  • Minimum time and resources to start!

  • Virtually no investment required

  • 3CX independently monitors and maintains the server

  • And most importantly – 3CX does not lure customers to itself – they are always yours!

When a client has registered himself (using a Google account or e-mail, without payment cards) in the service, he starts with the StartUP Free edition, but soon, in order to connect advanced features, he is offered the “Try PRO” option. User can try PRO edition for 2 months – but only through a partner! This generates a stream of new potential customers for the partner.

As before, we will automatically distribute customers who have registered with StartUP to certified partners. And in the next release, we will allow partners to independently install 3CX StartUP instances – it will be possible to run hundreds of 3CX cloud entities on a single server. This will cost-effectively manage a large number of small clients.

Improved chat widget in StartUP

The StartUP service offers a more functional chat widget for the site. It is implemented as free plugin for wordpress (or code generator for other CMS). The peculiarity of the widget from 3CX is that a site visitor can transfer a chat into a voice or video call with one click – right in the browser.

Improved chat widget in StartUP
Improved chat widget in StartUP

In StartUP, the chat widget has been significantly redesigned and loads faster, improving overall page loading speed. Also, now you do not need to use an online HTML code generator – widget customization is done from the 3CX web client / interface and is generally understandable to the average user. Any design changes are immediately reflected on your site – no need to republish the widget. And if you use WordPress – just specify the site URL in the plugin configuration!

In short, our free solution will be able to compete with paid counterparts for $20 or more per user per month!

When is StartUP PRO expected?

It is the StartUP PRO version (and not Free) that is intended for the majority of “paying” customers and partners’ earnings. We plan to release the release in September, but already now you can evaluate some interesting PRO features in StartUP Free.

How to run 3CX StartUP

  • Existing Users: In User Portal on the ‘Systems’ page, in the upper right corner, click the ‘Add System’ button. Select ‘3CX Hosted’ > ‘Up to 10 Users – 3CX StartUP’.

  • New Users: Register new 3CX StartUP account and follow the 4 steps of the Setup Wizard.

To learn about all the features of 3CX StartUP, check out the full Getting Started Guide.

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