3 videos for a mobile developer

Thinking about writing your own framework for an iOS application? Listen to the report of our developer on creating a library for drawing graphs in the YuKassa service. Here about the concept, mathematical algorithms, implementation of interaction with graphics and animation.

The second speech is devoted to the automation of testing product metrics in UI tests on iOS. Let’s talk about how the metric was tested before, and what we wanted to turn it into. Add to that the challenge factors in the form of platform and business process constraints, and here’s a great time to share some good insights with the community.

And finally. Do you happen to encounter the same errors over and over again on Kotlin projects? And the point here may not be at all in the human factor, but, for example, in poorly understood principles of programming. If you answered “yes”, then watch 3 videos in which the speaker will analyze the causes of such errors and how you can avoid them.

Library for drawing graphs

Sergey Tobolin, iOS developer

How the library can be useful and how to reuse it externally

1:04 About analytics at UKassa
1:46 Design concept
2:46 Choosing a framework
4:08 SсiChart
4:54 SpriteKit
5:25 First stage: algorithm development
7:53 Types of chart extrema
10:23 Stage two: drawing the graph and interacting with it
12:20 Stage three: animation
16:17 results

Tool for testing product metrics in UI tests

Stanislav Zelikson, iOS developer
Stas will tell you how a seemingly simple task has turned into an interesting challenge due to the limitations of the platform and our business processes.

1:27 How it all began
2:39 How did we test the metric before?
3:16 Requirements
4:40 Implementation methods
9:00 Implementation of sending metrics
22:10 First launch on CI
25:53 Many simulators
29:40 Integration into tests
40:36 Link to materials on GitHub

Code that works but is bad

Nina Semkina, Senior Android Developer

Nina will review the annoying Kotlin errors that appear over and over again in projects. And most importantly, he will analyze the reasons for their occurrence.

1:47 Singleton pattern problems. Example with initializing parameters
5:29 Context in Singleton. Example with thread-safe retrieval
9:19 Violations of the Single responsibility principle
13:38 Violations of the Barbara Liskov Substitution Principle
19:24 Competing View States
25:24 General summary

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