3 tips for user-friendly interfaces for February

Unfortunately, when I use interfaces I find that I cannot undo actions with the Esc button. For example, I found such a problem on the Pinterest website. After clicking on the log in buttons, an authorization form appears. But if you press the Esc button, it will not close. So I am forced to use the mouse to close the form…

I was wondering if it was possible to do it differently and found an alternative solution on Booking. If you go to the site and start choosing the interface language, you can press the Esc button and the form will close! And you won’t need to use a mouse. No extra steps!

The button is an important part of the “Show/Hide Password” pattern

The first time I used the show password button, I thought, “Damn, this is so cool!”. I always get my password wrong because I have 100500 of them. Oh.. And that’s why I became a fan of this pattern!

To my regret, I often see that the “show password” button is not a button at all …. Therefore, when I enter the password and want to see it, I have to move my fingers to the touchpad to move the cursor and click on the button. There is such garbage on Booking.

To show you that this is not a good solution, I found an alternative. If you go to Airbnb, start typing your password and press tab, you will switch to the button and you can use it by simply pressing Enter. Everything! You don’t have to worry about the touchpad.

Give me a chance to fix the wrong password

Friends, I already complained to you that I constantly make mistakes when entering a password. And when the apps notify me about it, I feel sad, because this is another torment for me.

Anguish because many apps reset it! A typical example is the Amazon website. If we enter a wrong password, they will reset it and say “Password is wrong”. Thanks Amazon!

Why they don’t give me a chance to correct my mistake, I don’t understand. But I did some research and found an excellent example on Booking. They do not reset the password in the same situation, but give the opportunity to see my mistake and correct it. Alleluia!

PS If you have questions about ux and the availability of interfaces, write to me at melnik909@ya.ru.

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