20+ more games that pump logic, algorithms and delight the smart brain [по следам комментариев на Habr]

Over 5,000 reviews on Steam with a game rating of 10 out of 10 programmer cats.

Game trailer:

BOX-256 is an 8-bit fantasy computer with 256 bytes of memory, 16×16 16-color display. Here manulhow to use this computer.

A game in which you need to draw pictures on the display in primitive assembler. Although, this is rather not an entertaining game, but an educational one: it shows well and quite accurately how the CPU actually executes instructions. And in general, it clearly shows what instructions and memory are.

MMO strategy where you program the behavior of your “units”

“Screeps” is “scripting creeps”. Although there is a tutorial, the game is still people with programming skills. Unlike other games, Screeps doesn’t have to be constantly played as creeps, they can react to events without the player’s direct involvement, provided they are programmed correctly.

A kind of Colobot on a hardcore level. As they write in reviews on Steam:

Your boss will think that you are coding the right things.

Game trailer:

Program robots and fight

The game has 4 classes of bots from which you can recruit a team of 4 units. The bots can walk, shoot, recognize their own, drag a resource, but they can do it in the order in which the player wrote it in the artificial intelligence editor. The game has a company and multiplayer, divided into leagues.

Game trailer:

A game to help newbies to Git that visualizes the internal structures of repositories in real time. The player can immediately see the results of their actions.
The game has a playing card interface that helps you remember recently entered Git commands. Free and open source.

Game trailer:

A game with a spartan interface where you have to create a logic circuit for the robot so that it can complete the level. You can play in the browser for free link.

shapez.io is a Factorio-like game where you can build factories to automatically produce geometric shapes. There is no lore, no universe in the game, just geometric shapes that have obvious properties: shape and color. There is a free demo to decide if you need it.

Game trailer:

A series of games based on the creation goldberg machines. This is a series from 5 games with tons of extras, in the title the year of release of the first game in the series. Here they even carefully support game site. The game is more for children, it also comes with a note of nostalgia.

Trailer for the first game:

A hybrid tower-defense sandbox with a focus on resource management. The game has 24 built-in maps, cross-platform multiplayer and massive PvP unit battles. There is source code on GitHub.

there are programmable blocks (processor, memory, etc.), with their help you can change the logic of units, for example

Game trailer:

Awesome Programming Games

And here’s a link to


which just tore me apart. There are 150 amazing games for programmers. I will definitely check the selection in the near future, and add those games that you advised, if they are not already there.

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed:

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Many thanks to everyone, everyone, and let no one leave offended.

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