2.07 online mitaps about microservices and Unit tests

On Thursday, July 2, we are going to discuss another experience of cutting a monolith and tell how Unit testing reduces development time. Start at 16:00 Moscow time, at 17:00 in Izhevsk.

Participation is free, you need check in.

“Simplifying Your Life With Unit Testing”

Unit tests increase development speed agree?

  • I will tell you why untestable projects increase release periods;
  • I will give arguments in favor of writing unit tests. Consider why a good design is testable, and the reverse is not true;
  • bad unit tests are worse than nothing. Let’s talk about the requirements for unit tests. For example, why isolation or speed of test execution is important;
  • I’ll tell you about the best unit testing practices with examples on NUnit.

“How to saw off part of a monolith and not go crazy”

I will talk about our experience in separating part of the functionality of a service into a separate “microservice”:

  • incorrect assessment of the task and its consequences. How to avoid a situation where the task swells, the deadlines are postponed, and everyone is nervous;
  • what to do and what not to do with dependencies when dividing projects;
  • compromises that a developer must make or how to stop looking for perfect solutions and start making workers.

“Entrance” is free, do not forget to registerto get the link. If there were not enough introductory notes, welcome to the comments.

Also look there on the site announcement project management meeting July 9th.

And come, we will be happy!

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