15 best and largest icon libraries

In this article, we will take a look at the 15 best and largest accessible icon libraries for websites. Many of them offer thousands or even millions of pictograms, so you will definitely find exactly what you need.

We specify right away: this is not 15 the best libraries rather 15 of the best. Of course, there are others, no less remarkable, that I did not mention or do not know about.
And, no, this is not a rating – the list is bulleted, not numbered.

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The noun project

The noun project – This is a huge library of icons, the number of which, according to rumors, has exceeded 2 million. All this was created by the participants themselves – the project has a huge active community, which you can join.


iconmonstr – This is a library of icons, offering more than 4 thousand icons, distributed in more than three hundred different collections. The library is maintained by one person. It’s very cool that SVG versions can be obtained in the form of HTML code directly on the site, so downloading is optional.

Good stuff no nonsense

Good stuff no nonsense – and this is a library, also created by someone alone. Everything is drawn by hand.


Unified icons on Orion are offered in 4 styles:
Line, Solid, Color and Flat.
Adapts to any type of project by means of variable line thickness, color control and excellent readability.


Available both as a website and as an application, IcoMoon offers more than 4 thousand free icons and offline storage for them. Each package has a detailed licensing, so that designers and developers are immediately clear on what conditions it is possible to use. Users can also create their own fonts from icons.


All icons in Pictonic sustained in an exact pixel scale, so that their size can be changed without loss of quality and integrity. Since they are offered as font sets, the icons for this collection can be styled using CSS.


When it comes to diversity in choice – Icons8 with his daily replenished legion of more than 85 thousand badges, it’s hard to beat. To find the desired graphics, you can search by tags or browse through any of the 50+ available theme collections.


Under two million free vector pictograms in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS or ICON FONT formats. Thousands of thousands of free icons in the largest database of vector icons under a free license from Flaticon!

Note: to download and view the registration on the site is not needed, but to configure the icons you need to log in.

Font awesome

Well, where without Font awesomeperhaps the most famous icon library.


iconscout – These are millions of different icons on various topics that you can think of. Here, users can create and share their own icons, as well as create collections that other visitors can then view.


Iconfinder At present, it is one of the largest libraries with more than 3 million free and paid icons, combined in more than 25 thousand sets.


PixelLove – This is more than 5 thousand icons for iOS and Android platforms, designed for designers who create mobile sites and applications. All icons are available in various pixel sizes.

Streamline icons

Streamline icons – These are 10+ thousand pictograms with three different line thicknesses (Light, Regular, Bold).

53 categories, 720 subcategories and more than 30 thousand icons.

Grabhic burger

Translator’s note: since January 1, 2020 the site is unavailable. We hope that this is not for long.

Graphic burger – This is a specialized site that provides a large number of free and paid icons and other graphic elements. All icons are well optimized, compatible with all kinds of websites and applications. The variety is very large, you can choose the icons that are suitable for almost any topic.


Smashicons offers an extremely rich collection with 175+ thousand icons. However, unlike some of the libraries mentioned above, not all icons correspond to the same style. Therefore, if you want the website / application to have a uniform appearance, you should make sure that all the required icons are contained in a specific set of icons.

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