1300 changes to improve the efficiency of office work

MyOffice has released a major update to the office software ecosystem. The release of MyOffice 2.6 and Squadus 1.2 includes technologies that improve the mutual integration of products, as well as new server and user functions.

The changes affected almost all components of the platform – the capabilities of MyOffice Standard, MyOffice Mail, MyOffice Private Cloud, MyOffice Professional and Squadus have expanded. Now, if several products of the MyOffice ecosystem are deployed in an organization, then its employees will receive even more opportunities for end-to-end work with documents and communications.

Support for shared folders in MyOffice Private Cloud 2 storage has been added to MyOffice Standard 2: now they are displayed in desktop editors in the usual way, just like in the file manager of the server product. Users can open files from the cloud and work with them immediately.

The capabilities of MyOffice Mail 2 have also been expanded: when sending a letter with an attachment that exceeds the allowed size, the mail system will prompt the user to upload the file to the MyOffice Private Cloud 2 corporate storage. Thanks to the new functionality, you no longer need to spend time looking for a way to transfer large files. Once downloaded, the file will be available via the link.

In addition, in release 2.6, file handling in the Squadus digital workspace has been improved. Users can now upload attachments located in MyOffice Private Cloud 2 to chats directly from the Squadus 1.2 interface. At the same time, only those users who have been granted access to the document will be able to open the file from the corporate storage. The rest will need to additionally request access from the owner of the file. You can upload files of any type, the number of attachments is not limited.

Set up federations in Squadus

The most notable change in Squadus 1.2 is the ability to unify communications between teams across organizations in a digital workspace. Two or more organizations can now connect their own Squadus digital workspaces, allowing enterprise employees to interact directly with each other in the same application.

In Squadus 1.2, draft messages are synced across all user devices—smartphone, desktop, and web apps. Thanks to this, the user can switch between their devices while typing messages: for example, you can start typing a message on a smartphone and continue on a laptop. In this case, if the user decides to delete the draft message on one device, the draft will be automatically deleted on all of his devices.

Now, in order to save important information, the user does not need to send messages to himself in Squadus. The new release has a “Saved” chat – a convenient storage of useful information that is available only to the user. In the “Saved” chat, you can upload important files, forward messages (your own and colleagues) from other chats, leave notes and write down ideas. All important information will always be at hand.

Get more control over your data in MyOffice Standard 2

In desktop editors, it became possible to protect fragments of documents from changes. Now users can protect individual cells, an entire sheet or the entire structure of an e-book in a spreadsheet editor. The contents of snippets can also be password-protected to avoid accidental editing, such as cells with formulas, and eliminate the risk of breaking the calculation logic or document structure.

In addition, the logic for inserting a hyperlink has been changed in desktop editors. Now working with hyperlinks requires less time and clicks. You can add a link by highlighting the whole word or phrase, as well as substituting the cursor to the desired word. Removing links is also easier – this can be done from the context menu or from the Edit Link window.

Easier to schedule meetings in “MyOffice Mail 2”

In release 2.6, the work of the calendar has been improved. Now all users, both the organizers of a particular event and its participants, can move events from the working calendar to others, see the whole picture of the day and quickly adjust their to-do list.

Changes have also occurred in the calendar interface – users can view the events of a particular day in detail without leaving the monthly grid. To do this, you need to click on the circle with the date in the monthly grid and get into the daily grid, where all the entered events and planned events for that day will be displayed.

Since the accumulation of unsolicited mail can lead to difficulties in finding the necessary information and reduce work efficiency, it is necessary to get rid of unnecessary letters in a timely manner. To do this, in the mail system “MyOffice Mail 2” release 2.6, functions for quickly selecting, moving or deleting letters were added. Now the user can select letters pre-sorted by subject, sender or other attribute using hot keys, and then delete them in one click using the “Trash” button.

Tidy up your files in MyOffice Private Cloud 2

Working with files in your organization’s own cloud just got easier. In “MyOffice Private Cloud 2” release 2.6, you can create shortcuts that allow you to quickly find and organize files from personal and public folders. The user can create both shortcuts to files and folders in the MyOffice Private Cloud 2 storage, as well as shortcuts leading to external web resources. Creating a shortcut is now available through the context menu or toolbar. In the case of creating a web link, a shortcut is created using the “Add” button.

If you only want to share important information with one external user, you can now create public links for viewing and downloading by one user. Such links can be used to send confidential information, thereby reducing the risk of its leakage. Access to data via the link will be possible within 12 hours from the moment of the first click on it. If, after activating the link, an unwanted user clicks on it, the system will display the message “The requested page was not found.”

“The release of MyOffice 2.6 and Squadus 1.2 includes our promising developments aimed at increasing the productivity of office workers. The market needs increasingly functional digital workspaces that integrate traditional document and communication tools. We understand that only the synergy of software products of various classes will help to meet the current needs of the business, and therefore we strive to increase the degree of integration of our products with each other,” said Petr Shcheglov, director of product marketing MyOffice.

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