13 games to play, hack and kill this weekend

At the end of November, we will start a new course stream Unity and C # game developer, and especially for it, we share a selection of games on the theme of Halloween. All of them were created in competitions like Ludum dare, JS13K and Game off… Games are written in different languages ​​and engines, and some of them were created in just 48 hours. And all of these games have one thing in common: the source code of these games is open source, so let’s hack and shred it! The post does not claim to be “highly technical”, it is just a selection of fun projects that might inspire you to create your own games.

WARNING: this post contains zombies, werewolves, creatures from other dimensions, mummies and more! Proceed at your own risk.

Evil Glitch (JS13K 2016)

Play in your browserSource codes (JavaScript)

Have Evil Glitch authorship @ agar3s there is it all: sweep lines, CRT effects and satisfying gameplay. When strange glitches appear in your dimension, stop them with a hurricane of bullets.

Fun hack: comment out this line and you will become invisible.


Chamber (Ludum Dare 47)

Play on Windows or the webSource codes (Heaps, Haxe)

Chamber from @ saint11 and @AmoraBettany took first place on LD47 this week. With the help of a friendly ghost, you must explore mysterious rooms and plan your escape.

Sealed Bite (Game Off 2019)

Play on Windows, macOS, Linux, or the webSource codes (Godot, GDScript)

Sealed bite Is a pixelated platformer from @securas, you are playing against the clock and looking for crystal shards that prevent you from transforming into a werewolf. Sealed Bite is the winner of last year’s Game Off.

A fun hack. Is the game difficult? Jump higher or become invulnerable like this:

JUMP_VEL = -250.0 

and So:

func can_be_hit( area = null ) -> bool:
    if fsm.state_cur == fsm.states.hit: return false
    if fsm.state_cur == fsm.states.dead: return false
    if is_invulnerable: return false
    #print( cur_target, " ", area, " ", cur_target.get_ref().name, " ", area.get_parent(), " ", area.owner.name )
    if cur_target != null and 
        area != null and 
        cur_target.get_ref() != null and 
        cur_target.get_ref() == area.owner:
            return false
    return false

Retrohaunt (JS13K 2019)

Play in the browser· Source codes (JavaScript)

Not everyone has the time, patience, or skill to write a puzzle with only 13 kilobytes of JS. My mom used to say: “If you’ve got it, haunt it” – bother your talent [Отсылка на фразу If you got it, flaunt it — не зарывай талант в землю]… This is exactly what did @DennisBengs from Retrohaunt

Luna (Halloween Competition 2019)

Download to C64 Source codes (Assembly)

If you grew up with a Commodore 64 or are into retro gaming, Luna from @smnjameson You’ll like it. Guide the witch through endless caves, fast, problematic enemies and other gameplay.

Of course you need a Commodore 64 emulator. Fortunately, there are many free and open source implementations to choose from.

Unnecessary Evil (Ludum Dare 43)

Play on Windows or the InternetSource codes (Unity, C #)

Screenshot of Unnecessary Evil

Unnecessary Evil from @Xenation, @Suliac, @Voxelseand @evaabollivier – you have to take turns switching between five fearless fighters to find the way out. But be careful. The fighters will have to sacrifice.

Heaven Ascent (JS13K 2020)

Play in the browserSource codes (JavaScript)

IN Heaven Ascent you fight demons, collect stars and fight angel bosses that prevent you from reaching the top.

A little hack: @Dhmstark I thought ahead, adding the ability to quickly wind up my life. To do this, just change the lines in your data.js file:

	startingLife: 5,
	lifeIncrement: 5,

Blood and Volts (Ludum Dare 46)

Download on WindowsSource codes (engine – GameMaker)

Blood and volts – great name, authors of the game – @ dev-dwarf, @Nolnad and @LewmothMusic… Feed volts to the towers: they shoot as you invade the small planet, killing the natives.

Baby Monster Delivery (Ludum Dare 46)

Play on Windows and OnlineSource codes (Unity, C #)

There are no storks here. Children in Baby monster delivery bring hellish pans. Beware of traps and floor, floor is generally lava.

Tomb of the Mummy RL (Ludum Dare 47)

Play in the browser, source codes (JavaScript)

Tomb of the mummy – rogue-like game from @eldarbogdanov for Ludum Dare 47. The treasure hunters have awakened you from your sleep and are exploring the tomb. The mummy has to do what the mummy has to do …

Death String (Ludum Dare 47)

Play on Windows, macOS, Linux and the web, source codes (Godot, GDScript)

Demons have invaded your pink pixel world. You control a robot that exorcises demons with the Cord of Death.

Shield Bearer (GMTK Jam 2020)

Play on Windows, macOS, Linux and the web, source codes (Godot, GDScript).

Shield Bearer, author @Geminimax… You play as a parent who protects the son of an adventurer as he explores dangerous dungeons.

Cool hack: maybe someone can level up this child in search of their way?

Soul Harvester (Untitled Game Jam 8)

Play on Windows, macOS, Linux and the webSource codes (Unity, C #)

In Game @JordyAaldering Soul Harvester you play as a young Scythe Death, jumping through randomly generated levels and sending lost souls back where they came from. I hope you find these games interesting. I wish you safe, happy and healthy Halloween, if that’s important to you. Until next time! If we survive …

Want more? Here 13 hilarious, devilish games from last year to fork and have fun.


Dear readers, have you written games? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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