13 Best Open Source Games at Gamedev.js Jam 2022

In 2022, there was a call in the Gamedev.js community to share game sources on GitHub. We present a selection of open source games to the start Python full stack development course. The author of this article is the founder of Enclave Games and the js13kGames contest.

You may have already heard about the js13kGames competition, which started history in 2012. In addition to the exciting task of putting the game assets in a 13 kilobyte zip archive, another requirement is to submit the sources in a human-readable form on GitHub.

The Gamedev.js community also started around 2012, and over time focused on local meetups and hackathons, with a weekly Gamedev.js newsletter published since 2014. The call to share sources was made in 2022.

And they answered it. 27 out of 95 games are open sourced. Below you will find the top 13 by overall performance. This year’s theme was “RAW” (raw):

1. Aaron’s Quest IV: While Moses Was Away

Ratings: #2 overall, #2 in Gameplay, #2 in Innovation, #7 in Audio.

Joep van Duinen: The game seems really worthwhile. A lot of things can be added to it, for example, new improvements, maps / modes (time trials to get certain items), maybe there are different workers or improvements for them that make them stronger as they progress through the game. Made a really simple game, but it works great, congratulations! I will follow her future with interest.

2. Sushi mania

Ratings: #9 overall, #4 Theme, #8 Gameplay, and #8 Graphics.

Raptor9999: An exciting game loop! Everything is well balanced, and the controls work very well. I myself was surprised how well I could cut the right products, even when the belt was moving so fast!

3. It’s not ready! (IT’S TOO RAW!)

Ratings: #12 overall, #1 in Theme, #2 in Decentralization, and #3 in Web Monetization.

Omhet: This game made me laugh! An extremely innovative approach to the casual genre. I think Gordon would love it.

4. Raw mode (.raw mode)

Ratings: #14 overall, #1 in the Innovation category, and #12 in the Gameplay category.

johnonym: This game has interesting and unique mechanics that definitely want to explore further. The ability to swap any bit made the game easier.

5. Golem Caves

Ratings: #17 overall, #3 in the Decentralization nomination and #9 in the Gameplay nomination.

Photonstorm: Very funny! Although I would like the pickaxe to work much faster, take a very long time to cut your way. But after that it is very cool to collect treasures!

6. Refinement (UNRAWIFY)

Ratings: #18 overall, #3 in Innovation, #6 in Web Monetization, and #12 in Theme.

J.C. Games: I love that features are added as the game progresses!

7. Super Simple Salad Simulator


Ratings: #24 overall, #6 in Theme and #14 in Innovation.

Makritzaa: I like it! It turned out very cool!

8. Chez RAW (Chez RAW)


Ratings: #26 in the overall standings, #8 in the “Theme” nomination.

Ardiam Games: Fun and extravagant little game! And the sprites are very cute. True, it was hard to kill piglets. Great job!

9. Sushi Dou

Ratings: #28 overall, #3 in the Decentralization nomination

Melky Pop: What a cute game! I did not understand how to serve the plates until I read the instructions, I think that the instructions would not interfere with the game itself. The game starts out chaotic and difficult, and the customers in it simply do not want to wait!

10. Rock to forget


Ratings: #30 overall, #2 in Audio.

Caiofov: Good game! The fact that you cover the song in the game makes it even better. I found it quite difficult. I want to keep playing! Hope for updates in the future!

11. Run (RunAWay)


Ratings: #33 overall, #13 in Graphics.

Here: I liked the art and animation on the start screen. Good job.

12. RAW Ball (RAW Ball)

Ratings: #36 overall, #7 in Decentralization, #8 in Web Monetization, #9 in Audio, and #13 in Graphics.

BuyMyBeard: I liked the visual component of the game, the intro and the main theme.

13. Raw Ascii Web Shooter (RAWS: a Raw Ascii Web Shooter)

Ratings: #41 overall.

Dashing Strike: This is a really cool game! Played quite a few times, managed to score 4600 points. And… I saw a comment that someone beat the game completely, so I had to play it again until I did it too. I really like the ASCII graphics, although it definitely doesn’t look like a terminal emulator. It was great to create a mood. The sound is good too!

It’s all! Be sure to check out the entire collection on itch.io if you want to see more games. We hope to have more games at Gamedev.js Jam 2023 with source code posted on GitHub. Don’t forget to join itch.io so you don’t miss the event!

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