10 Useful Visual Studio Code Plugins

Everyone from experienced developers to beginner jones wants to simplify their lives. The right tools can help with this.

If you're using Visual Studio Code as your development environment, you're in luck. You can install a bunch of plugins and make your life as easy as possible.

Plugins greatly affect productivity and approach to work. This is what we will discuss below.

“First we change tools, and then they change us”
– Jeff Bezos

All plugins are free and available on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Visual Studio Intellicode


This is the most frequently downloaded plugin for Visual Studio (over 3,200,000 downloads). And, in my opinion, the most useful.

This plugin is designed to help developers write code. It supports a huge number of programming languages. Visual Studio Intellicode uses machine learning methods. He searches and analyzes the patterns used in numerous open source GitHub projects, and offers them to you when you write code.

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Git blame


Who did this?!

From time to time you need to know who wrote a specific piece of code. Git Blame to help you. Git Blame tells you when and by whom each line of the file was last edited.

This is useful information, especially when you work with function branches. Since Git Blame tells you in which commit (i.e. in which branch) the line of code was changed, you know which ticket caused this change. This will help you better understand the reasons for the changes.


Prettier is one of the best plugins for developers who need to follow a well-defined set of rules when developing. This is a great plugin that allows you to use the Prettier package. Prettier is a great tool for structuring code.

Prettier is compatible with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Markdown, GraphQL and other modern tools and allows you to correctly format the code.

JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets

Every developer who tries to be at least a bit of a topic probably worked with one of the JavaScript stacks. It doesn't matter which framework you prefer. Common code in different projects should simplify your life.

The JavaScript (ES6) code snippets is a handy plugin that provides some very useful snippets of JavaScript code for a lazy developer. It associates standard function calls with hot keys. Once you figure it out, your productivity will increase significantly.


As you probably already guessed, this plugin helps developers who work with style sheets. Once you start creating style sheets for your application, you will definitely want to use this plugin. Sass supports syntax highlighting, autocomplete and formatting.

Path intellisense

Path Intellisense is the surest way to increase your productivity while writing code. If you work on many projects at the same time and use too many different technologies, you will probably need a convenient tool that can remember the file path names for you. This plugin will save you a lot of time, which otherwise would have been wasted searching for the right directory.
Path Intellisence was conceived as a simple extension for autocomplete file names. But since then he has become a valuable assistant in the toolkit of most developers.

Debugger for Chrome


You do not have to leave Visual Studio Code if you need to debug JavaScript. Microsoft's Debugger for Chrome lets you debug source files directly in Visual Studio Code


The ESLint plugin embeds ESLint in Visual Studio Code. ESLint is a tool that statically analyzes your code to quickly find problems.
Most issues detected by ESLint can be fixed automatically. ESLint corrections take into account syntax, and therefore you will not encounter errors caused by traditional search and replace algorithms. In addition, ESLint is highly customizable.

SVG Viewer


The SVG Viewer extension adds a number of utilities for working with SVG in Visual Studio Code. This plugin allows you to display SVG files and view their appearance without leaving the editor. In addition, this plugin allows you to convert files to PNG and create URI data schemes.


Topics are the last ones on the list, but not in importance. As you look at your editor every day, why not make it as beautiful as possible? There are many customization plugins that change the color scheme and icons in the sidebar. Some popular themes are available for free: One Monokai, One Dark Pro, and Material Icon.

Translation: Diana Sheremyeva

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