10 Resources for Finding Schools by Reviews

Additional education for children is traditionally popular in Russia. Parents strive to give the child the opportunity to try himself in a variety of directions so that he develops the skills that are in demand and understands what he wants to do in the future. According to the Avito Services survey, about 60% of Russian schoolchildren and preschoolers attend additional education courses and circles.

Sports, creative, musical – the choice is huge. Traditionally, technical courses and circles are in high demand: this includes robotics, programming, computer graphics and other areas.

What do you pay attention to when choosing circles and sections?

According to the same study, 28% of parents primarily focus on the schedule, building the most convenient schedule for the child, 27% – on the location of the school / section (selecting them closer to home), and 22% rely mainly on feedback from other parents and their children, especially on feedback about teachers.

While schedules and geographic locations are highly individual and can only be chosen by parents and children themselves, looking for reviews is a more interesting issue to consider.

In this article, we will look at 10 popular aggregators and reviewers through which you can find technical courses for children, see their rating and read the opinions of other parents and children.

One of the most popular technical areas for teaching schoolchildren and preschoolers today is IT and programming. By the way, this year alone, the demand for computer science tutors has grown by 109%! This suggests that more and more schoolchildren are planning to enroll in IT specialties in the future, and sending a child to programming courses at an earlier age is a great way to prepare him for further development in this area. Therefore, for clarity and convenience, we will present the resources on the example of the query “Programming for children” in Moscow.

10 Online Resources for Finding Tech Clubs for Kids Based on Reviews

  1. Yell.ru

Yell.ru is an all-Russian platform with reviews of companies from various fields, including educational organizations. In particular, there is a wide range of additional education schools for children and courses in programming, robotics, etc.

You can find offers on the request of interest within the district, city, region or all of Russia. For each request, a list of organizations sorted by rating and an option on the map are displayed.

On request “Programming for kids» Only in Moscow on Yell.ru you can find 425 options.

Each organization has a separate page with up-to-date information, working hours, contacts, employees of the organization, etc. There is even a price list with current offers.

At the end of the page, you can view customer reviews, rate and comment on them, and write your own.

  1. Tutortop.ru

Tutortop is a large platform for reviews of online schools, distance courses, as well as an aggregator of offers from them.

In the search bar, you can enter the desired direction and see the most popular offers. The site will show suitable results and recommend similar options. This is how the search results on Tutortop.ru look like for the query “Programming for kids»:

Results can be sorted by cost and payment offers, course length, school name, and more. Information on the site is regularly updated.

For each school there is also a separate page with the overall rating of users and their reviews. In addition, the site offers to see reviews about the organization on other sites. There is even a separate block for video reviews.

  1. Compare.ru

Sravni.ru is a Russian Internet service for comparing a wide range of services from different companies. Initially, it was created to compare financial and insurance services (deposits, loans, insurance policies, etc.), but today it also includes organizations in the field of education, and specifically in the technical direction. More than 11 million people use the service.

For each request, a list of current offers from schools is issued. In this way, you can see all courses at a glance, their duration, cost and special conditions, as well as narrow the search results depending on your preferences.

In the card of each course, you can see the current start date and other details.

You can also find a specific school and reviews about it. Hundreds of reviews are published daily on Sravni.ru, so you can easily find out all the interesting nuances from the school’s clients.

  1. feedback

Another popular service with reviews of organizations of various categories. Courses for children are collected on the “Children’s Circles and Sections” page.

The site is designed specifically for reviews, so the search filters are appropriate: you can narrow your search results by year of visit, geographic location, number of reviews, and average rating.

According to our request, 100 organizations are offered.

On the page of each school, you can see the ratings of other users according to the parameters “Program”, “Teaching”, “Materials” and “Price”. In the reviews presented there, previous clients indicate the advantages and disadvantages of the organization they noticed and write detailed comments.

  1. Flamp.ru

Flamp is a large online aggregator of reviews of places and organizations across Russia with half a million users and 4 million daily visitors. Here they leave their impressions about the places visited and put them on a mark from 1 to 5, on the basis of which the rating is formed.

Favorite organizations can be added to your favorites to plan your visit and keep track of new reviews. You can also contact the organization directly via chat to ask any questions you may have.

Companies on Flamp may have an official representative who reads reviews and responds to them. Such profiles are called “Business Accounts” and are marked with a blue checkmark on the site.

To search for circles and sections, you can drive the desired direction into the search bar or go to the “Education” or “For Children” headings from the main menu. The search results will display all matching organizations with their rating and number of reviews. On the right side you will find a map – you can hover over an organization from the list and see its place on the map. You can also search by location by selecting a suitable location and looking at organizations in that location.

  1. 2GIS

2GIS is an online directory combined with a map. It works in 12 countries and contains information about 18.5 thousand settlements.

For example, for the query “Programming for kids» with a limitation in Moscow, you will be offered more than 500 organizations offering these services. You can narrow your search results by the class format you are interested in, payment method, etc. For some schools, you can see the prices directly on the site.

A separate card is provided for each organization: it contains contacts, links to the site and social networks, opening hours, etc. It is convenient that you can see all branches in the drop-down list, that is, in the search results, each organization will be listed only once. There is a separate tab with reviews.

2GIS is a subsidiary of Flamp, so the reviews here are synchronized with the reviews on Flamp.ru. However, you can write a new one directly on 2GIS.

Services similar to 2GIS in Russia are Yandex.Maps, Google Maps – they can also find specific organizations and schools on request, as well as find organizations and proposals in the required direction.

  1. All courses online

The All Courses Online project is an aggregator of free and paid courses in various fields around the world. The site is convenient to use to get acquainted with the school in order to choose a course for the child in it in the future. Many schools publish their free materials here, so that the child can immediately get acquainted with the direction and understand whether he wants to fully study it.

For example, for the query “Programming for kids» you will be presented with a large selection of video courses, webinars and other materials on various topics.

After the results are displayed, the site will also offer up-to-date collections, news, articles and life hacks in the direction you are interested in – you can find them in the “Learn more” drop-down list in the context menu at the top of the screen.

  1. Avito

Avito has long ceased to be just a marketplace. Today it is also a full-fledged platform for promoting their products and services. To search for educational courses, there is a section “Training, courses” (Services – Offering services – Training, courses), where you can find an educational organization or a private specialist in the field of interest.

On request “Programming for kids» in Moscow, there are 154 results on Avito, and for «Robotics for kids– 35.

  1. Profi.ru

Profi.ru presents, perhaps, the largest selection of private teachers and tutors for children and adults in a variety of areas. Only on request “Programming for children” in Moscow, 1530 specialists are offered.

With each request, you will be asked several clarifying questions about the student and your wishes – this will allow you to narrow the search results to the most suitable options.

In the card of each teacher you will find information about his education, awards, certificates, taught areas, work experience. In the reviews you can find out how it was trained with him by others. The site will be a great option if you are looking for a private specialist for teaching a child.

If a teacher combines private practice with work in an educational organization, you can also get to know him in absentia through Profi.ru.

  1. Zoon.ru

Zoon is another popular review site in Russia. Among more than 15 categories, there is an Education section where you can find reviews of educational institutions and individual courses. If you are looking for specialized technical circles for a child, you can simply enter the query of interest into the search box and see the results.

For example, for the query “Robotics for kids» in Moscow (another popular query when looking for technical courses for children) you will be presented with a list of over 300 organizations offering such courses.

In the individual card of each organization, you can see detailed information about its activities, current offers, photos and videos, and, most importantly, reviews. Based on the review, the rating of the organization is formed and its place in the search results is determined.

High-quality and interesting education is the key to further success and comprehensive development of the child. We hope that the above resources will help you choose the most suitable course and increase your child’s interest in the chosen direction!

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