10 Most Popular Free Figma Tutorials

Figma is like Adobe Illistrstrator, only easier, in the browser and projects can be fumbled for collaboration. And it’s free.

If you have Adobe Illistrstrator, then you can automaton in Figma. If you’re unsure of where to start mastering vector graphics, Figma is an easy option to get started.

I have compiled a selection of the most popular free Figma tutorials from YouTube. By the way, it is not necessary to know English perfectly in order to repeat step by step what the dudes show on the screencast. Everything is clear from the video.

1. Figma Tutorial – A Free UI Design / Prototyping Tool.

Posted by Gary Simon is a full stack developer. He creates his own paid courses in development and design, but puts out small free tutorials on YouTube. In 36 minutes, a dude creates a screen design for a mobile application.

1.1M YouTube Views – Most Viewed Figma Tutorial.

2. Figma UI Design Tutorial: Get Started in Just 24 Minutes

A tutorial on the channel of the Berlin Food Design Studio. The video assembles the design of the mobile application screen step by step. The main advice of the tutor is that we type someone’s design, we try to repeat it as accurately as possible, because of this we learn faster.

580,000 views on YouTube.

3. Intro to Figma – Beginners guide to Figma Basics

Mini Tutorial by Jesse Showalter. Key features in 16 minutes: frames, shapes, pen tool, masks, prototyping, annotating and collaborating on a project. Here is a link to the author’s portfolio


487,000 views on YouTube.

4.UI / UX Design Tutorial – Wireframe, Mockup & Design in Figma

1.5 hour course from freeCodeCamp.org Website development and mobile adaptive. The author of the course is Adrian Twarog, a developer and designer from Australia.

480,000 views on YouTube.

5. Figma in 40 Minutes

A tutorial on creating a simple clickable website design for beginners from traversymedia.com.


to the course author’s channel.

410,000 views on YouTube.

6. The Figma 2021 Crash Course by Example

This is the second tutorial by Gary Simon, the dude creates a clickable design prototype of a website from scratch in an hour.

380,000 views on YouTube.

7.Create a Design System with Figma – Full Course

7.5 hours complete tutorial on how to create a design system from freeCodeCamp.org. Course author Tim Sullivan, former Airbnb designer. It will be easier to get a course on design systems if you already have the basics in Figma.

290,000 views on YouTube.

8. Free Figma Tutorial: Designing Wireframes with Figma

Website design and mobile responsive from scratch in 1 hour. Course author Daniel Salgado, Butter Academy course creator. They have a full paid UX course, but the video below is enough to get you started with Figma.

240,000 views on YouTube.

9. Introduction To Figma | FREE COURSE

All Figma tools in 2 hours using the example of the registration page in the mobile application, from the course aggregator tutsplus.com.

90,000 views on YouTube.

10. Figma

Figma Youtube channel

– over 200 tutorials and lectures on design from the creators of Figma themselves.

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