10 fantastic books: from developers and for developers

Reading books is still a great way to discover new things or learn something, especially if you are a developer to stay relevant in a fluid industry.
In this collection, I’ll present 10 fantastic developer books written by developers. There won’t be the familiar, conventional books that you find in any selection of “must-read for programmers”, this article is a hand-picked treasure from experts with a proven track record.

Ten Ways To Make Money As A Developer

The first book in this collection is from an excellent author and developer named Florin Pop. Florin is widely known for his successful YT channel, wacky challenges (like 10 JavaScript projects in 10 hours) and his obsessive love of purple.

In his new book, Florin shows you 10 original ways to make money as a developer. So if you’re curious about how to make money from side projects – blogging, building SaaS products, freelancing, mentoring and more – you should read this book.

Some time ago I also wrote a post “Making money like programmers”, Read it if you like.

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The Tech Resume Inside Out

Many aspire to get jobs in technology but don’t know how to write a resume – a real asset that will help them stand out from the crowd. Luckily, we have Gergely Oroz who has worked for fantastic companies: Uber, Skype, Microsoft. The author has seen hundreds of developer resumes and put his vast experience into a wonderful book. In it, Gergely shows you exactly how to write an outstanding resume. What’s more, he writes specifically about what recruiters actually look at, what happens when you submit a resume to a large company. And last but not least, the book has three ready-made resume templates for different technical roles.

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Content For Developers

Whether it’s marketing, teaching storytelling, blogging, project documentation, or something else, it’s important for a developer to be able to write. It’s not all that easy in developing a good content writing strategy, and in the order of its writing. Many developers find it difficult to write in an authentic and professional style.
Maeda Batul, Content Strategist, Speaker and Community Engagement Specialist for Node.js, will list simple rules, plus 30+ tips and professional content creation techniques to help you write better!

And the link further tells about reasons to write if you are a programmer
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Building an Effective Dev Portfolio

An effective portfolio is an asset that a developer should tackle so that they have something to show recruiters, clients, and potential employees. Even if you already have a portfolio, or just want to build one, it’s easy to overshoot when it comes to helping hire or presenting benefits in a new job. The excellent Josh Como knows this from his own experience. He has reviewed hundreds of portfolio sites and has helped countless developers break into the tech industry with their portfolios.
All of Josh’s knowledge and experience has been put together in this free e-book for you to read and learn. I’ll say it again: the book is free! Feel free to download it and fight with your secret weapon – portfolio!

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Best of AWS

Remember when you looked at the Amazon AWS console and thought, “What are these services? What to do with them? ” So it was with me. Many times … Until I found this great book by Daniel Vassallo and Josh Pshorr, who have been at Amazon AWS for over 10 years. The authors do not cover everything that Amazon offers, but only those services that they worked with themselves, as well as services that developers should be aware of.

Daniel and Josh write about how to choose a programming language, framework, database, cloud service, and the like in the context of AWS. Authors’ methods are generalized and can work when other technical decisions are made.

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The Standout Developer

The author of this excellent book, Randal Kanna, went through a lot of stress herself while looking for a job in technology. Difficult programming interviews, rivalry with dozens of CS alumni and specialists with many years of experience … And this is only part of the difficulties people face in finding a job.
Fortunately, Randall’s book will help overcome these difficulties. In addition to explaining how to forge a resume, Randall shares how she got FAANG to go to her, not the other way around!

And that is not all. The book teaches you how to prepare for a programming interview, how to run an exciting blog, how to negotiate an offer, and how to speak convincingly.

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Cloud Native Web Development

Have you ever wondered what a typical web application looks like these days? Maybe a web app is a bit of static HTML, a bit of CSS for styling, and a generic backend for handling forms? If you think so, I can already tell that web applications are a little more complex now.

But fear nothing. The author of this book, Mike Nicholas, walks us through cloud native development from start to finish. In the book, he works with a Firebase database and a combination of Svelte and Sapper to write an application, uses TailWind to style it, and deals with other advanced resources.

The book differs in that instead of theory it gives practice: you, the reader, can work with Mike and other readers of this book in the application repository. Collaboration creates the impression of a dialogue, and this cannot be missed!

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The Coding Career Handbook

Many of you know Sean Wan, better known as Swyx, who has become a programmer in his 30s with FreeCodeCamp and countless nights of coding. In his wonderful book, Swyx has collected many stories from people who have made their way into professional programming. This book will not tell you how to become a happy and successful coder, because there is no proven way to do it. Rather, it is about experience and tactics that will help you build your very special career.

You don’t have to take any of the advice in this book, but you can learn what works for others and what doesn’t. For those looking for advice on their career path: this is your book! And if you want to know how to get along the way from junior developer to senior, read and post on the link.

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Pure React / Pure React

React is arguably the best-known JS framework on the market today. And no matter how popular it is, its popularity is the popularity of the ecosystem: libraries, tools, practices and all sorts of things.

Dave Sedia will teach you how to “think in React” in practice, you will definitely learn something new while developing small specialized applications. To put your knowledge to the test, Dave has included some great exercises. And the best thing about this book is that no TODO apps! If you want to find more books on React, read this post

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Digging deep: Java interviews / Grokking the Java Interview

Java is still one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. Java is trusted by large corporations: most of the AWS stack was written in this language; corporations use Java to build robust applications, so Java is always a good choice. But to get an exciting high-paying job, developers often need to pass a programming interview, which is difficult for many beginners.

Luckily for us, well-known Java programmer and blogger Paul Javin has written a new book specifically for programming interviews; This book teaches everything there is to know about core Java topics.

If you are asking yourself which language to choose, Java or JavaScript, see the post at the link.

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